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Peace and Justice Institute


The Peace and Justice Institute bi-annually publishes a newsletter with articles written by distinguished guests, faculty, and students. The newsletter details the work of the Institute and serves as a historical document for the growth and development of the work over time. The publication provides information on events from the academic semester and recognizes the contributions of the many individuals that bring to the life the mission of PJI.

Additionally, the Peace and Justice Institute is often recognized by the community in a variety of media mentions. PJI media mentions include a collection of articles, videos, and more.

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    Goals of the Institute are to:
    1. Create and teach a Peace and Justice Studies curriculum
    2. Sponsor and collaborate on peace and justice events
    3. Foster a connection with Valencia's A.S. programs in peace studies and conflict transformation
    4. Offer community outreach in peace and justice
    5. Engage in realizing Valencia's core competencies