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Peace and Justice Institute

Office Staff

Contact The Peace and Justice Office:

Rachel Allen, Coordinator
Rachel Allen
Professor of Humanities
Peace and Justice Institute Coordinator
Office: East 1-340
Phone: 407-582-2709
Email :


Krystal Pherai, Staff Assistant
Krystal Pherai
Staff Assistant
Peace and Justice Ambassadors Co-Coordinator
Office: East 1-340
Phone: 407-582-2291

Campus Representatives


East Campus:

Chris Cuevas
Chris Cuevas
Office: 407-582-2530

AJ Quaskerbush
Professor of Peace Studies and Political Science
Office: 407-582-2211

Nicole Valentino
Office: 407-582-2420


Lake Nona and Osceola Campuses:

Jennifer Keefe
Jennifer Keefe 


West Campus:

Mayra Holzer
Office: 407-582-1068

Michele Lima
Office: 407-582-1414

Subhas Rampersaud
Subhas Rampersaud
Office: 407-582-1214


Winter Park Campus:

Paul Chapman 
Office: 407-582-6819



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    Goals of the Institute are to:
    1. Create and teach a Peace and Justice Studies curriculum
    2. Sponsor and collaborate on peace and justice events
    3. Foster a connection with Valencia's A.S. programs in peace studies and conflict transformation
    4. Offer community outreach in peace and justice
    5. Engage in realizing Valencia's core competencies