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The Peace and Justice Institute offers a variety of programs to help create an inclusive and caring community built on the pillars of respect and nonviolence. PJI continues to partner with Valencia's Continuing Education program to afford members of the community, faculty, and staff opportunities to further their knowledge and understanding of peace studies and community building.

Every fall, PJI hosts Global Peace Week, a celebration of peace education, music, arts, and crafts. This week offers those in attendance the opportunity to learn about various peace practices, engage in the exploration of self, focus on the culture of collaboration and support a community of inclusive excellence where all voices are heard and valued.

Each spring, PJI hosts our week long Conversation on Justice, a program that allows our community to discuss contentious issues - ranging from violence, immigration and economic inequality to food insecurity, race, and sexual orientation. Through the power of transformative stories, facilitated-discussions, art projects, award-winning films, and more these critical conversations are able to be addressed with the ultimate goal of promoting a culture of peace and understanding.

PJI provides opportunities for the community to empower others and apply the practices of peace and nonviolence through our dedicated partnerships with local organizations that aims to address inequity and work toward conflict resolution. Through these community partnerships the mission of the Peace and Justice Institute remains steadfast and provides the opportunity to extend our practices into our local and global communities.



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    Goals of the Institute are to:
    1. Create and teach a Peace and Justice Studies curriculum
    2. Sponsor and collaborate on peace and justice events
    3. Foster a connection with Valencia's A.S. programs in peace studies and conflict transformation
    4. Offer community outreach in peace and justice
    5. Engage in realizing Valencia's core competencies