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Peace and Justice Institute

PJI Academy for Teachers

"We Teach Who We Are" - Parker J. Palmer

The Peace and Justice Institute offers this unique and powerful experience to teachers working in Pre-K through higher education with the goal of creating more inclusive, respectful, compassionate and loving classrooms and citizens. The teacher academy model is based upon ten years of collaboration with leading scholars in the field of peace studies including Dr. Peggy McIntosh, Dr. Beverly Tatum, Dr. George Lopez, Dr. Michael Nagler, Elaine Sullivan, Emily Style, and Dr. Alma Abdul-Hadi Jadallah. The academy pairs their insights and practices with local PJI experts to create peaceable and inclusive classrooms for your students.

speaker and audience member asking question

Commitment from Schools

  • Three teachers/staff/administrators attend one summer weeklong workshop – In this weeklong program, participants are introduced to a set of pedagogical tools and theoretical frameworks that help create a peaceable and inclusive classroom, one of our most important, all-encompassing Principles: Create a hospitable and accountable community. Participants explore their own identity, hidden bias, and life experiences to discover the impact these have on the selection and delivery of curriculum and teacher/student relationships. Through selected readings, written reflections, experiential activities, and dialogue, participants identify ways to expand inclusion and create safe spaces for learning.
  • Three Professional Development opportunities – each set of 3 teachers hosts 3 Professional Development opportunities for their colleagues to learn about the PJI topics – Teacher-the-Teacher.
  • Three years – Each school agrees to send 3 different teachers/staff/administrators for 3 consecutive years to our summer, weeklong workshop.
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Workshop Details


  • Pre-K-12 and post-secondary teachers, staff and administrators


  • Summer, 1 week, 40 hours of professional development


Session 1

For College and University Faculty and Staff; and Pre-K-12 Administrators
June 24-28, 2019

Session 2

For Pre-K-12 Teachers
July 8-12, 2019

Session 3

For Pre-K-12 Teachers
July 22-26, 2019

Registration Coming Soon


Valencia College Winter Park Campus
850 West Morse Blvd.
Winter Park, FL 32789


  • $1000 per person: Includes facilitation, books, supplies, snacks and lunch daily. Hotel and transportation costs not included. Hotel and transportation information provided upon request.


Key Topics

audienceWe Teach Who We Are:

  • PJI Principles for How We Treat Each Other, Our Practice of Respect and Community Building
  • Scholarship of the Self
  • Multicultural Selves
  • Using Windows and Mirrors

people at a table workingCreating a Peaceable Classroom

  • Tools for Conflict Transformation
  • Peaceful Communication Skills
  • Creating a Safe Space for Dialogue
  • Restorative Practices
  • Mindfulness

two people talkingInclusive Classrooms

  • Holistic Education: Marrying the Head and the Heart
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Hidden Bias
  • Stereotyping and Microagressions
  • Ally Work

person writing on white boardTransforming Curriculum

  • Exploring the “Isms” through Personal Story
  • Systems of privilege and Oppression
  • Cycle of Racism
  • Missing Histories

Building Community and Connection

  • Positive Interdependence
  • Relationship Development


PJI Alumni Impact

Honestly to me this has been an educational retreat (mental, spiritual and emotional cleaning). Since day one I'm learning and reflecting in how I as a teacher could be better every day. I can reflect and recognize that I'm doing some things well, but I have a long way to improve.
María Cubero, Ed.D.
Boone High School
Orlando, FL

PJI has given my colleagues and me a great many valuable tools and resources that I am confident will change the culture within each classroom, the school, and the surrounding community. This will have a far reaching, long lasting, potentially lifesaving impact.
Libby Boyette
Orange County Academy
Bithlo, FL

I am excited to share the 13 Principles for How We Treat Each Other with my students. These principles can be used in school, at home, in their future career, and most importantly with future generations; hopefully breaking the cycle of trauma and abuse. If all schools in our nation adopted the use of these 13 principles, I can only imagine how many ways this would positively impact our society.
Tonia Thompson
Princeton Elementary School
Orlando, FL

In these five days, though, I feel I finally came to understand what the best version of myself could look like and I’ve been set on that path. It has been transformative. It is life changing.
Brandy Eleazor
Park Maitland School
Maitland, FL

Transformative. Inspiring. Exhausting. Challenging. Encouraging.  These are just a few of the words I would use to describe my week at the Peace and Justice Institute Academy for Teachers.
Andrea DiBartolomeo
Orange County Academy
Bithlo, FL



Contact Information

PJI Academy Coordinator:
Lauri Lott
Phone: 407-582-2905
Email: Llott1@valenciacollege.edu

PJI email: peaceandjustice@valenciacollege.edu