Associate Degree

Bellevue University

What the Student Needs to Know

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What Valencia degree is articulated with Bellevue University?

A.A. Degree
A.S. Degree


Web Portal:

What degree will be earned at Bellevue University?

B.A. Degree or B.S. Degree (collectively referred to as "Bachelor's")

THE Agreement

What is the deadline for application? N/A
  How many credit hours will be accepted? Bellevue will give full recognition of the student's A.A. Degree or A.S. Degree degree toward the completion of the B.A., or B.S. degree at Bellevue University. Said students will have no additional general education core curriculum requirements to meet. Number of credit hours accepted not specified in agreement.
  How many credit hours until a Bachelors Degree will be awarded? A minimum of 127 semester hours required of the degree being sought (B.A. and B.S.).
  Are there mandatory courses needed for acceptance?

None noted; however, ALL undergraduate students must satisfy the "Kirkpatrick Signature Series" requirement. (see Agreement)

  Are there any scholarships available? None listed. However, the application fee will be waived for all Valencia graduates that apply through the co-branded web-portal.
  What date was the agreement signed? March 2017
  Is there any special information? None noted.
  Who can be contacted for information at Bellevue University?

Pati Moore, Director
Regional Partnership
Scott Kizzire, AVP Enrollment Managment
Doug Steward, College Partnership Outreach