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What Valencia degree is articulated with Charter Oak State College?

Charter Oak offers bachelor’s degrees online allowing student to utilize traditional and non-traditional credit. Valencia students may transfer an A.A. Degree , A.S. Degree or A.A.S. Degree.

What degree will be earned at Charter Oak State College ? Bachelors of Arts or Bachelor of Science (Programs of Study)
What is the deadline for application? None. There are six enrollment periods per year.
How many credit hours will be accepted? Maximum of 114 overall, but no more than 87 at the freshman/sophomore level.
How many credit hours until a Bachelors Degree will be awarded? Varies dependent on program and source of credits (courses, exams, etc.), but no more than the standard 120 is needed.
Are there mandatory courses needed for acceptance?

No. A student need only have nine college-level credits.

Are there any scholarships available? Yes. There is a community college scholarship, among others.
What date was the agreement signed? February 2013
Is there any special information? No expiration on most credit. Online courses can be accessed any time of the day. Most courses are accelerated.
Who can be contacted for information at Charter Oak State College?

Shawn Holliday
860 515 3701
860 515 3859


The Charter Oak State College Agreement