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What Valencia degree is articulated with Columbia College?

A.A. Degree or A.S. Degree

What degree will be earned at Columbia College?

B.A. Degree or B.S. Degree

What is the deadline for application? No deadline
How many credit hours will be accepted? At least sixty (60), and up to eighty-one (81), credit hours.
How many credit hours until a Bachelors Degree will be awarded? Students are required to complete at Columbia a program of study which equals a minimum of 120 credit hours required of the degree being sought. Please refer to the Agreement, Section IIA for additional information regarding graduation requirements at Columbia College.
Are there mandatory courses needed for acceptance?

None noted for acceptance; however, Section IIB of the Agreement outlines Columbia's General Education requirements, including the specific courses of ENC 1101 and ENC 1102 (or the equivalent Honors courses).

Are there any scholarships available? Associate Degree Transfer Grant is 5% of the tuition.

Eligibility for the Associate Transfer Grant includes the following criteria:
The Associate Degree must have been earned within the past twelve months and consist of 60 credit hours or its equivalent. The student must not have received the Associate degree from Columbia College. The student may not have completed additional college work since the award of the Associate degree.

The Associate Transfer Grant provides a reduction in tuition for each eligible student.

The reduction in tuition is 5%, and the award is for 6 sessions (3 semesters) per year for two years. The grant expires after two years. Students might qualify for other scholarships.

What date was the agreement signed? May 2017
Is there any special information? Eligible students can immediately enroll in the Columbia College Associate to Bachelor’s program to lock in their academic catalog to the current year, thus avoiding the potential for future curriculum changes associated with degree plans.

Please see Program Addendum Guide for specific degrees included in transfer program.
Who can be contacted for information at Columbia College?

Diane Hibbs
Assistant Registrar, Special Processes
Columbia College
1001 Rogers Street
Columbia, MO 65216


Stephanie DeLaney
(573) 875-7507



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