Associate Degree

Hillsborough Community College - A.S. Radiography or Radiation Therapy

to the Valencia College B.S. Radiologic and Imaging Sciences Degree

What the Student Needs to Know

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Hillsborough Community College-VAlencia college Agreement

Attachment A-Transfer Guide

What Hillsborough C.C. degree is articulated with Valencia College?

Radiography, A.S. Degree
Radiation Therapy, A.S. Degree

What degree will be earned at Valencia College Radiologic and Imaging Sciences, B.S. Degree
What is the deadline for application? None specified
How many credit hours will be accepted? Transcripts must show completion of an A.S. in Radiography or Radiation Therapy with a minimum of 68 hours of course work, including at least 18 credit hours of General Education
How many credit hours until a Bachelors Degree will be awarded? Graduation requirements include, but are not limited to, the completion of 42 semester credits of upper division course work. Twenty-five percent (25%) of course work (32 semester credits) must be completed in residency. (See Attachment A, Transfer Guide)
Are there mandatory courses needed for acceptance?

No specific mandatory courses are mentioned; however, the following additional documentation is required: 1) Official copies of transcript showing degree completion and all course work within the degree; 2) Provide proof of national certification or its equivalent in respective imaging discipline. Please refer to complete Articulation Agreement for all requirements.

Are there any scholarships available? None specified
What date was the agreement signed? October 2016
Is there any special information? See Attachment A, Transfer Guide
Who can be contacted for information at Hillsborough Community College?

Dr. Ginger Clark
Director, Technical Programs
(813) 253-7055
(813) 253-7025 (Fax)

Who can be contacted for information at Valencia College?

Ms. Julia Ribley
Allied Health Care Advisor,
Adv. Technical Certificates and Bachelor Degrees
(407) 582-1898