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*B.S. in Accounting
*BS in BusIness Admin
*B.S. in Communication
*B.S. in Criminal Justice
*BS in CJ-Homeland Security
*B.S. in Early Childhood Admin
*B.S. in Health Care Admin
*B.S. in Health Science
*B.S. in Health- Wellness

*B.S. in Information Tech
*B.S. in Nutrition Science
BS in Psych - Applied Behavior Analysis

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What Valencia degree is articulated with Kaplan University?

A.A. Degree and A.S. Degree

What degree will be earned at Kaplan University? Bachelor's Degree
What is the deadline for application? None specified
How many credit hours will be accepted? Completion of A.A. or A.S. degree programs, with a minimum of 60 semester hours, will be eligible for a block transfer of up to those 60 semester hours and acceptance into the "Advanced Start" baccalaureate option
How many credit hours until a Bachelors Degree will be awarded? Not specified in Agreement; please refer to various Academic Worksheets
Are there mandatory courses needed for acceptance?

No; however, Valencia students who are unable to fulfill Kaplan University prerequisites at Valencia College must complete them at Kaplan University.

Are there any scholarships available? Please refer to the Agreement for specific information
What date was the agreement signed? February 9, 2015
Is there any special information?

Valencia students must fulfill Kaplan University requirements, and complete no less than 25% of their program requirements at Kaplan including the capstone course, at Kaplan. Credit earned through any combination of Transfer Credit, Challenge Credit, or Experiential Credit will not exceed 75% of total credits required for graduation.

Please refer to the Agreement for additional requirements

Who can be contacted for information at Kaplan University?

Chris Wheedleton 
Vice President 
Kaplan University 


Michael Lorenz 
University Registrar 
550 West Van Buren Street 
Chicago, IL 60607 
Tel: 312.777.6480 
Cell: 312-771-8781