Associate Degree

Stetson University - B.A. in Organizational Leadership

What the Student Needs to Know



What Valencia degree is articulated with Stetson University?

Associate of Arts

What degree will be earned at Stetson University?

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership

What is the deadline for application?

Application deadlines vary.

How many credit hours will be accepted?

Maximum of 126 quarter credit hours or 84 semester credit hours. Only those courses required to complete the specific related associate's degree program will be fully articulated into the Bachelor's program.

How many credit hours until a Bachelor's Degree will be awarded?

A minimum of 128 credit hours must be earned and all degree requirements met before a Bachelor's Degree is awarded.

Are there mandatory courses needed for acceptance?


Are there any scholarships available?

A Valencia College Partnership Tuition reduction is available to all VC alumni and employees.

What date was the agreement signed?

August 2018

Is there any special information?

Focus areas in Organizational Leadership at Stetson include: General, Healthcare/Public Health, Financial Services, Hospitality & Entertainment, Information Technology, and Non-profit & Government.

Who can be contacted for information at Stetson University?

Meredith Kent,
Assistant Director of ADC Admissions
email -
phone 386-822-7564