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What Valencia degree is articulated with Western Kentucky University?

Valencia’s A.S. degree in information technology (or other closely related degree) is articulated with WKU as detailed in the agreement.

What degree will be earned at Western Kentucky University?

Upon meeting University requirements and completion of the online CIT program with grades of "C" or better, students will earn the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology degree.

What is the deadline for application?

Students should review the Registration Guide at to determine when to register. Students that wish to register outside of normal semesters may register for online On Demand CIT classes at any time (see

How many credit hours will be accepted?

Accepted hours from Valencia are variable depending on how many general education hours are completed at Valencia. Students will be awarded the Bachelor’s of Computer Information Technology if:

  • 36 hours minimum are in courses earned at WKU (usually satisfied with CIT courses)
  • 36 hours in upper-division credit are earned (usually satisfied with CIT courses)
  • 120 hours minimum overall are earned (can be met at Valencia and WKU)
  • All Colonnade (general education) requirements are met (can be met at Valencia and WKU)
  • MATH 116 or equivalent (can be met at Valencia or WKU)
  • Other University requirements (such as overall GPA) are met

See the agreement for details.

Are there any scholarships available?

See for up-to-date scholarship information.

What date was the agreement signed? January 2017
Is there any special information?

Please be sure to visit the CIT program’s Valencia website at

Who can be contacted for information at Western Kentucky University?

Mark A. Revels, Ph.D., MS
Computer Information Technology (CIT@WKU), Academic Program Coordinator
Department of Architectural and Manufacturing Sciences
Ogden College of Science and Engineering
Western Kentucky University
1906 College Heights Blvd 51066
Bowling Green, KY 42101-1066
Phone: 270-303-3019





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