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Welcome to Valencia’s Institutional Assessment (VIA) Office:  

Supporting Faculty and Staff Members
Assessing What Matters Most

“Improvement—if it is to happen—will occur where faculty and staff have the most leverage to change how they approach teaching and learning.”
--Ewell, Paulson, and Kinzie, 2011


Valencia’s Institutional Assessment (VIA) office is responsible for the support of faculty and staff members who are defining, gathering, analyzing and learning from data related to student learning outcomes. We document and report the college-wide results of the assessment of program learning outcomes that is being led by deans, directors, coordinators, and other staff and faculty members.

We are located in the District Office and are available to meet throughout the week on each campus by appointment. We work in partnership with the Office of Faculty Development and the Office of Institutional Research. Program assessment at Valencia is part of a cyclical process that includes culminating events that are coordinated by the office – such as Assessment Day. We collaborate with faculty and staff as we:

  • Assist with the development of surveys and the analysis and report of results
  • Provide support for those who want to use the Qualtrics survey tool
  • Collaborate on assessment projects that use qualitative methods
  • Develop and coordinate focus groups for program assessment
  • Participate in program-wide planning sessions and retreats to assure the reliable use of research methods as well as to support the integration of assessment strategies into the long-term vision.

We also are responsible for several activities as we:

  • Administer national surveys - sharing data and related reports
  • Oversee the administration of the Student Feedback on Instruction (SFI)
  • Coordinate the State Assessment Meeting conference
  • Oversee the Institutional Review Board (IRB)

We provide guidance for college-wide committees including the Learning Assessment Committee (LAC) and the Data Team. For more information on these, please see the tabs on the left – or contact Laura directly. 

Available for conversation regarding projects and proposals in their planning stages or in progress, we are also involved with a range of on-going projects at Valencia College such as the Carnegie Statway project (focused on student learning in the areas of statistics, data analysis and quantitative reasoning) while contributing to discussions held within other nationally-funded projects such as Achieving the Dream (AtD.)

Laura Blasi, Ph.D., Director, Institutional Assessment
Phone: 407-582-3486

2015 Assessment Day(s) Materials


Assessment Day Locations

Assessment Day Locations

ASMT3222- Strengthening Teaching and Learning Using Student Feedback Related to Your Instruction (SFI) 04/24/2015

Powerpoint Presentation

Critical Thinking & Gen Ed + Multiple Choice Question & Essay Question Workshops 10/10/2014

Dr. Steven Downing's Presentation

Creative Effective Multiple-Choice Items / Designing Items to Test Critical Thinking

Multiple-Choice Questions Sample

Dr. Laura Blasi's Presentation

Essay Question Workshop

Handout 1; Handout 2; Handout 3; Handout 4

Drs. Karen Borglum and Laura Blasi's Presentation

General Education - Critical Thinking and Assessment








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