Institutional Assessment

Data Team Gatherings at Valencia College and Related Principles

Data Team members support the effective use of data consistent with a collaborative culture dedicated to inquiry, results, and excellence. Building on the lessons learned about data collection and processing from our Achieving the Dream (AtD) efforts, Data Team members enable faculty and staff across the college to make data-supported decisions concerning student learning, student success, and student engagement. Along with other data-related activities, the Data Team helps faculty and student affairs professionals to collect, process, and report data associated with the college’s learning outcomes assessment efforts.

Currently we have Data Teams organized to support college-wide initiatives (such as the New Student Experience – NSE), grant-funded initiatives (such as the LSAMP program funded by the National Science Foundation – NSF), and for program evaluations (also known as Academic Initiative Reviews.) Attached you will find PowerPoint template text to use / adapt as you are organizing a Data Team at Valencia and other resources. The data teams are supported by Valencia’s Institutional Assessment (VIA) office and the Office of Institutional Research (IR.)

Data Team Principles

  • Create knowledge essential to future decision making regarding program expansion and/or development
  • Design and select research questions that will effectively guide our work
  • Consider diverse methods of data collection/generation, including both quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Collaborate with each other, seeking to understand diverse perspectives
  • Endeavour to identify and overcome bias based on our current involvement in this work, seeking to guide this research objectively
  • Consider formative and summative assessment
  • Determine appropriate audiences for sharing our work                        6-4-2014

Data Team Basics at Valencia (template text in slides to adapt)

Draft Guidelines for Reporting Assessment Data 7-2-2015

This is a working document that has developed out of lessons learned when reporting for the New student Experience (NSE). These guidelines are expected to grow with the College Data Team once it gathers in the fall. These guidelines are focused on improving the ways we report learning assessment data. They are not a set of directions for the Institutional Research (IR) office and this document does not lay out a college-wide framework for presenting data.

Project Management Tool for Data Team Chairs (mid-term check-in - audit of process)

Example Cost Effectiveness Resource ( )


Sound Practices in Data Sharing and Use

The use of data at Valencia College complies with FERPA regulations ( as well as regulations related to Institutional Review Board review (  

User access is restricted for data files that include student identification (such as IDs.) When requested by authorized external users (such as the federal government) files are sent using data encryption and password protection.





Name Representing
Alys Arceneaux
Institutional Research
Leonard Bass
Learning Support
Nicholas Bekas
Academic Affairs, West
Laura Blasi
Instiutional Assessment
Karen Borglum
Curriculum and Articulation
Mike Bosley
Executive Dean, Lake Nona
Lucy Boudet
Marketing and Strategic Communications
Robyn Brighton

Roberta Carew

Faculty, Mathematics

Tanisha Carter

College Transitions Programs

Kristeen Christian
Resource Development
Daryl Davis
Institutional Research

Kurt Ewen

Assessment & Institutional Effectiveness

Michelle Foster
Academic Affairs, East
Al Groccia
Faculty, Mathematics
Jonathan Hernandez
Academic Affiars
Stacey Johnson
Campus President, East and Winter Park
Sonya Joseph
Student Affairs
Donna Kosloski
Institutional Research
Maryke Lee
Academic Affairs, Mathematics
Michele McArdle
Executive Dean, Winter Park
Boris Nguyen
Faculty, Mathematics

Cathy Penfold Navarro

Student Success & Transfer Readiness

Kathleen Plinske
Campus President, Osceola
Karen Reilly
Learning Support
Joyce Romano
Student Affairs
Larry Rosen
Institutional Research
Upasana Santra
Faculty, Mathematics
Landon Shephard
Learning Support
David Sutton
Academic Affairs, Humanities, and Foreign Language
Russell Takashima
Faculty, Mathematics
Falecia Williams
Campus President, West

Past Meetings & Minutes




July 7, 2010
January 25, 2010   Minutes
August 31, 2011   Minutes
September 28, 2011   Minutes
October 26, 2011   Minutes
March 28, 2011   Minutes
July 9, 2012 Agenda Minutes
August 29, 2012 Agenda Minutes
September 26, 2012 Agenda Minutes
November 28, 2012 Agenda Minutes

Documents & Presentations

Academic Assembly Posters 2009-2010

From Data to Meaningful Information - First Year Experience Conference 2009

From Strategy to Institutionalization - Connections Conference 2009

Note: If you are interested in using any of the data/presentations listed above, please contact Roberta Brown.