Institutional Assessment

Learning Outcomes Assessment

"Knowing what happens at the program or department level in student learning outcomes assessment from the faculty and staff working in these programs and departments is essential..." Kuh, 2011

Valencia College is committed to learning outcomes assessment for the purpose of understanding and strengthening teaching and learning. The Office of Institutional Assessment helps to facilitate the conversation and to support the development and implementation of the strategies needed to reach those goals. Look to this section of the Website for related forms and reports.  The tabs at the left also provide access to the program learning outcomes for General Education as well as for the Associate in Arts (AA) transfer programs, Associate in Science (AS) degree, and related programs.

2018-19 plans are available through the Xitracs Portal

Xitracs Portal


The Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes in General Education 2017-2018

General Education Learning Outcomes Communications Humanities Assignment with Checklist Mathematics Exam Science Exam Social Science Exam
NSE Assignments with Rubric English Assignment with Checklist Randomized Sample Speec Assignment with Checklist + Self-Assessment
Sample Group All Students Comp I & II All Students Randomized Sample Randomized Sample All Students All Students
Quantitative Reasoning         X All Gen Ed. Math Classes    
Scientific Reasoning           X All Gen Ed. Science Classes  
Written Communication   X   X     X
Oral Communication X   X        
Interpersonal Communication X   X        
Ethical Responsibility             X
Cultural & Historical Understanding       X All Gen Ed. Humanities Classes    
Information Literacy   X   X     X
Critical Thinking


Please E-mail Us for the most updated version of the current list of learning outcomes assessment leaders.



Next Steps for Deans 2013-14
Discussed with deans in the Instructional Affairs Committee (IAC) in July 2013 and shared with campus presidents.