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The Online Organizer supports the annual cycle of learning outcomes assessment activities and improves our ability to understand and use learning outcomes data over time. This Online Organizer will help you to document your assessment over time and share that information with others. It also allows us to document our work in ways that we are able to share with others, such as state and regional accreditors.

The Organizer has been designed using an interface that may be familiar to those who have used the leave system or other online reporting tools at Valencia. It developed out of the needs expressed by faculty and staff leading Program Learning Outcomes Assessment (PLOA) planning and other college-wide assessment activities. They wanted a dynamic system – accessible over time and web-based. Among the features the Organizer includes a way to enter results over time, a learning outcomes assessment plan timeline tool, a way to map outcomes to courses offered and a place to upload supporting documents. Your work in the Online Organizer focuses on learning outcomes at the level of the program or area being assessed (not course-level outcomes). The assessment plans and results reported here should be for the program, not limited to feedback on a specific course. What is it you want to students to know or able to do as they leave your program or discipline? Here in the Online Organizer you can pose those questions specific to your field, test your theories in collaboration with your colleagues, document and share your results – and then take action to improve the outcomes for faculty, staff, and students.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Laura Blasi, Director, Institutional Assessment (

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Online Organizer -AR Report for LOL Meeting rev. 02/06/2015

Online Organizer -Results Report for LOL Meeting rev. 02/03/2015

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