Institutional Research

Student Progression

The Strategic Indicator Report (SIR) provides interactive data following the path students often take to complete their degree at Valencia.  This path frequently begins with completing the necessary Developmental Education courses as students proceed to Graduation. 

  • Developmental Education - Successful Program Completion within 3 Full Academic Years
  • Developmental Education - Collegewide Success (A, B, C) and Withdrawal (W, WP, WF)
  • Front Door High Enrollment Courses
  • Persistence - Degree-seeking, First Time at Valencia (FTAV) Cohort by Enrollment Category
  • Persistence Rates - Degree-seeking, First Time in College (FTIC) by Gender and Ethnicity
  • Progression - Degree-seeking, Fall First Time in College (FTIC) Tracked over Time
  • Graduation Rates - Degree-seeking, First Time in College (FTIC) over 5 Years
  • Completion Rates and Time to Graduation - Degree-seeking, First Time in College (FTIC)

A Glossary of terminology used in Valencia's Student Progression SIR is available here.