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Strategic Planning at Valencia

Valencia’s most recent strategic plan, commissioned in 2008, has run its course (Strategic Plan 2008-2015. Brochure can be found here). The Division of Academic Affairs and Planning is leading the work to develop a process for creating the next iteration of Valencia’s strategic plan. As a part of this process, a Strategic Planning Steering Committee was formed in April 2015, led by Susan Ledlow, vice president of Academic Affairs and Planning, and Karen Borglum, assistant vice president of curriculum and assessment.

To date, input has been gathered from faculty and staff (and some students) during the Invitation to Reflection events held on each campus this spring. Feedback from the Learning in Our Community Symposium also served as a resource, providing information and insights on Valencia as a learning-centered institution — helping to frame the long-range vision of the College.

During this planning process, we will continue to build on our mission and vision. The four strategic goals, or pillars, from the previous plan will remain the focus of the new plan, incorporating the large initiatives that are currently underway, including the New Student Experience, the redesign of online learning, assessment for learning, part-time faculty development and DirectConnect 2.0. In addition, a concerted emphasis will be on deepening our work and impact within the community.


Join the Conversation!

The development of Valencia’s strategic plan is a collaborative, interactive process, and your input is welcome. A blog has been created for collegewide input on the ongoing strategic planning work, and we encourage you to provide your feedback and ideas to the conversation. Click the button below to access the site.

Strat Plan Blog


If you would like more information on the strategic planning process, contact Karen Borglum, Assistant Vice President of Curriculum & Planning at or extension 3455. You can also contact Noelia Maldonado Rodriguez, Planning Support Specialist, at or extension 3487.


Strategic Planning Process Steering Committee


Susan Ledlow


VP, Academic Affairs & Planning

Karen M. Borglum


AVP, Curriculum & Assessment

Noelia Maldonado Rodriguez


Planning Support Specialist

Bill White

VP, Info Technology and CIO, IT Office

Daryl Davis

Dir, Institutional Research

Deidre Holmes DuBois

Past Faculty President, Professor of Speech

Jeff Goltz

Executive Dean, School of Public Safety

John Niss

Professor of Mathematics

Michelle Foster

Campus Dean, East Campus

Mike Bosley

Executive Dean, Lake Nona Campus

Suzette Dohany

Faculty President, Professor of Speech

Chara Young

Dir, Organizational Communications

Allen Bottorff

AVP, Facilities & Sustain, Plant Operations

Elisha Gonzalez Bonnewitz

Dir, Community Affairs

Linda Herlocker

Dean of Students, West Campus

Nicholas Bekas

Campus Dean, West Campus


Strategic Initiatives Work Teams

Impact on Student Learning

Work Teams
Assessment for Learning

Laura Blasi

Dir, Institutional Assessment

Roberta Carew

Professor, Mathematics

DirectConnect 2.0

Joyce Romano

VP, Student Affairs

Karen Borglum

AVP, Curriculum & Assessment

New Student Experience

Christina Hardin

Dir, New Student Experience

Kim Foster

Professor, New Student Experience

Online Learning

Wendi Dew

AVP, Teaching & Learning

Liza Schellpfeffer

Professor, Speech

Part-time Faculty Development

Amy Bosley

VP, Organizational Development & Human Resources

Dori Haggerty

Campus Director, Faculty & Instructional Development








Contact Information:


Susan Ledlow
VP, Academic Affairs & Planning
P: 407-582-3423

Karen M. Borglum
AVP, Curriculum & Assessment
P: 407-582-3455

Noelia Maldonado Rodriguez
Planning Support Specialist
P: 407-582-3487

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