College Planning Council

The College Planning Council welcomes you to our site, designed to keep you informed about Strategic Planning at Valencia College!

The College Planning Council (CPC) is one of Valencia’s four governing councils. Among the Council’s responsibilities are designing and conducting 1) a collaborative strategic planning process, and 2) a collaborative budgeting process that links the annual budget to the strategic plan. The Strategic Plan for 2008-13 was approved by the District Board of Trustees on June 17, 2008. On September 9, 2011, the Board approved extending the Strategic Plan until 2015. You can access the summary Strategic Plan brochure here.

The Council works closely with and consults the Senior Leadership Team as it designs and conducts these processes. The CPC created Task Forces to carry out the phases of the planning process, and the charges, agendas, and minutes of those task forces may be accessed through the strategic planning web page. Volunteers were recruited collegewide for the various task forces. The task forces include: Vision, Values, and Mission; Data and Situational/Needs Analysis; Communications; Evaluation; and Strategies, Goals, and Objectives.

CPC is committed to a collaborative process with many opportunities for involvement of those within the college and in the community that we serve. Throughout the planning cycle, we will schedule big and small group meetings, community meetings, consultations with key constituencies, and discussions by the governing councils and the senior leadership team, all of which combine to enable broad based participation in the various phases of creating, updating, and evaluating the Strategic Plan.

During the 2012-13 period, the Council is scheduled to meet on September 27, October 25, November 29, January 24, February 28, March 28, and April 25.

To request additional information or for questions about the College Planning Council, please contact its co-chairs: Kurt Ewen, Jean Marie Führman, or Susan Ledlow.


2012-13 Council Membership: Alys Arceneaux, Vivian Calderon, Donna Deitrick, Sherri Dixon, Kurt Ewen (Co-Chair), Regina Falconer, Jean Marie Führman (Co-Chair), Damion Hammock Deidre Holmes DuBois, Keith Houck, Dale Husbands, Stacey Johnson, Sonya Joseph, Amy Kleeman, Jackie Lasch, Susan Ledlow (Co-Chair), Helene Loiselle, Noelia Maldonado, Kevin Matis, Rob McCaffrey, John McFarland, Kathleen Plinske, Jerry Reed, Joyce Romano, Deborah Simko, David Sutton, Joan Tiller, Bill White, and Falecia Williams




College Planning Council Charge

  • Coordinate the development and revision of the Strategic Learning Plan
  • Coordinate the development of the annual budget
  • Recommend multi-year budget and staffing plans
  • Oversee the measurement of institutional effectiveness
  • Function as Steering Committee for institutional accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
  • Oversee the College's Diversity Plan