Strategic Planning at Valencia

Quality of Life: Arts, Health, and Civic Engagement


Vision Statement:

Valencia has a positive impact on the quality of life beyond the classroom.

Working Theory:

A sustainable community is one that has a vital quality of life


1. Explore and develop partnerships with the community to enhance programming

  • Convene arts organizations to build synergies and enhance arts programming.
  • Foster connections and develop opportunities for community engagement.
  • Develop programs to help healthcare workers respond to the needs of a diverse community.

2. Bring education and training to underserved communities

  • Enrich art opportunities for Central Florida youth through arts camps and internships.
  • Expand opportunities for tutoring and mentorships for Central Florida youth.
  • Educate the community about health and wellness.



If you are interested in becoming part of this strategic initiatives work team, or if you would like to learn more, please contact one of the facilitators below:

  • Stacey Johnson
  • Kathleen Plinske
  • Falecia Williams


The Power to Serve: Valencia's Five-Year Impact Plan

Impact Planning Definitions


Contact Information:

Susan Ledlow
VP, Academic Affairs & Planning
P: 407-582-3423

Karen M. Borglum
AVP, Curriculum & Assessment
P: 407-582-3455

Noelia Maldonado Rodriguez
Coordinator, Institutional Advancement
P: 407-582-3487


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