Strategic Planning at Valencia


Valencia provides opportunities for academic, technical and life-long learning in a collaborative culture dedicated to inquiry, results and excellence.



Valencia is a premier learning college that transforms lives, strengthens community, and inspires individuals to excellence.



  • Learning by committing to Valencia’s core competencies—Think, Value, Communicate, and Act—and the potential of each person to learn at the highest levels of achievement for personal and professional success.
  • People by creating a caring, inclusive, and safe environment that inspires all people to achieve their goals, share their successes, and encourage others.
  • Diversity by fostering the understanding it builds in learning relationships and appreciating the dimensions it adds to our quality of life.
  • Access by reaching out to our communities, inviting and supporting all learners and partners to achieve their goals.
  • Integrity by respecting the ideals of freedom, civic responsibility, academic honesty, personal ethics, and the courage to act.


Valencia Yesterday and Today

When Valencia Community College opened its doors in 20 portables situated on a muddy parking lot at Mid-Florida Tech in 1967, Orlando was poised at an intersection—on the verge of great change. The city, once a sleepy citrus town, began to buzz with activity. The Martin Company started building rockets for the space race at Kennedy Space Center, and soon dozens of subcontractors set up shop in Central Florida. Walt Disney had only recently revealed that he was planning to build Walt Disney World on the outskirts of Orlando, and the stage was set for a growth trajectory that today’s urban planners could only dream about.

Orlando’s mushrooming population—along with growth throughout the state of Florida—created both challenges and opportunities. With large numbers of Baby Boomers prepared to enroll in college, Florida’s state universities could not handle the swelling tide of freshmen and raised admissions standards.

Suddenly, many prospective college students couldn’t get in the front door of their state universities. Valencia Community College was one of more than a dozen community colleges formed during that era—yet Valencia was among the last to open because of disagreement in the community over whether all students, regardless of race or ethnicity, should have access to a higher education.

Valencia’s founders pushed back and insisted on creating a college that would provide an opportunity to everyone. So when Valencia opened its doors, students from every background walked through them, including those historically overlooked and excluded by traditional higher education. Valencia opened the doors of opportunity then and has continued to do so, through innovations that have made Valencia one of the nation’s leading community colleges.

Today, just as in 1967, Valencia stands again on the precipice of generational and societal change. At Valencia, we continue to believe in our students and their ability to change their lives for the better. Now we will turn our attention not just to students on our campuses, but our community at large—and inject in our community the same belief, that with the right guidance and help, we can work with our community to transform Central Florida.



In the college’s previous Strategic Plan (2008-2015), we set out four distinct goals: Build Pathways; Learning Assured; Invest in Each Other; and Partner with the Community. The work achieved by Valencia under that plan has laid a solid foundation for the “big, hairy, audacious goals” we want to achieve in the coming five years.


To assure learning, we set out to create a campus environment where every student is given an opportunity to learn and succeed with extravagant learning support systems, and where educational practice is rooted in evidence. The college raised the performance of every kind of student and specifically set out to reduce achievement gaps between students from diverse backgrounds.

By building pathways, we knew that no matter how much magic happened in the classroom, we needed to make it easier for students to enroll, register and progress through college. And, with tools such as LifeMap, Student Success, and other initiatives, we developed programs and services so that current and future students could develop personal and professional aspirations and find a clear path to realizing those dreams.

Since 2008, the college has built out remarkable and robust systems of hiring, induction, and development for faculty and staff. We invest in each other by making strategic investments in our most important resources, our people. In addition, the governance systems have been renewed to assure thoughtful inclusion and collaboration, fostering common purpose, best practice, and a level of trust that ensures open communication—as well as a healthy environment for personal growth.

Finally, we set out in 2008 to “Partner with the Community,” by strengthening our relationships with UCF and the public schools to improve educational outcomes at every level, adding to our community of investors by significantly growing the Foundation’s impact, and building new educational programs in response to community need.

As we look forward to the next five years, we’ll build on those strengths and focus on forging stronger bonds with the community to transform the region into an engine of economic opportunity, one where not only do we have a thriving creative, business, and scientific community, but a city where people at the bottom of society’s economic ladder can move a few rungs up, and see a way to the middle class.


The Power to Serve: Valencia's Five-Year Impact Plan

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