Strategic Planning at Valencia

New Student Experience

Valencia's New Student Experience focuses on creating a coordinated first year experience for students new to Valencia. Since the Fall of 2013, faculty and staff have worked to design and develop the NSE Course and meta-major versions; created and revised the NSE co-curricular activities; revised the LiefMap College Success Skills list to a NSE College Success Skills list utilized by faculty teaching the Start Right Courses to support the NSE outcomes; developed a personalized advising plan utilized by the NSE faculty teaching the NSE course;and redesigned the LifeMap/ MEP. The work of the NSE is by no means complete; however.

The NSE Strategic Planning work team will focus on the next steps of the NSE/QEP work to include continued meta-major and guided pathway discussions, infusion of College Success Skills in Start Right courses, integration and use of LifeMap 2.0/MEP, and enhanced personalized advising for every student

Vision Statement:

Students have personal connections within and beyond curricular and co-curricular experiences that lead to a successful completion of 18 college-level credits.

Working Theory:

Creating a comprehensive and holistic first-year experience that engages students’ academic pasts, strengthens the quality of student learning and engagement, and teaches students to establish and follow academic and personal goals for the future will increase student persistence, reduce time to graduation, and encourage students to embrace lifelong learning.


1. Develop a comprehensive, year-long experience for new students


  • Develop a coordinated, co-curricular experience.
  • Develop a comprehensive first-year advising model.
  • Create a peer mentorship model for new students.

2. Establish personal connections for all new students across the college


  • Educate students about opportunities to get involved in curricular and co-curricular programs.
  • Increase opportunities for students to participate in cohort-based programs.
  • Create a mentorship model that matches students with industry or community partners.

3. Infuse College Success Skills in Top 10 High Enrolled Courses


  • Create supplementary materials for instructors who teach Top 10 courses.
  • Create a faculty development plan for instructors who teach Top 10 courses.



If you are interested in becoming part of this strategic initiatives work team, or if you would like to learn more, please contact one of the sponsors below:

Falecia Williams

Lead Sponsor

Campus President, West & Downtown

Kathleen Plinsk

Lead Sponsor

Campus President, Lake Nona, Osceola, Poinciana

Stacey Johnson

Lead Sponsor

Campus President, East & Winter Park

Kim Sepich


Vice President, Student Affairs



The Power to Serve: Valencia's Five-Year Impact Plan

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Contact Information:

Susan Ledlow
VP, Academic Affairs & Planning
P: 407-582-3423

Karen M. Borglum
AVP, Curriculum & Assessment
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Coordinator, Institutional Advancement
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