Strategic Planning at Valencia

Part-time Faculty Engagement

Our students engage regularly with our part-time faculty as partners in their learning journey. The Part-time Faculty Engagement group is focused on developing and implementing innovative models for ensuring our part-time faculty have access to and choose to participate in ongoing professional development related to teaching and learning. Creating pathways for part-time faculty to feel engaged by and with the College will impact our ability to retain the best faculty who will provide excellent learning opportunities for our students.

Vision Statement:

Valencia College is an engaged, collegial community of diverse professionals dedicated to the best possible student learning outcomes.

Working Theory:

Positive student learning outcomes result when supported, engaged part-time faculty and Valencia College are mutually invested in each other.


1. Part-time faculty will be developed both in the essential competencies of a Valencia educator and in their respective teaching disciplines


  • Review and redesign the Associate Faculty program.
  • Explore opportunities for institutional financial support for part-time faculty development.

2. Create a new on-boarding, engagement, compensation, and evaluation process for part-time faculty


  • Implement a "New Faculty Experience" to orient and engage part-time faculty.
  • Develop a consistent evaluation process for all part-time faculty.
  • Design and develop a formal part-time faculty mentoring program to support communities of practice within the disciplines.

3. Enhance opportunities for part-time faculty to engage with students outside of the classroom


  • Identify opportunities for part-time faculty to engage with students outside the classroom.
  • Design a program to support part-time faculty engagement with students outside of the classroom.


If you are interested in becoming part of this strategic initiatives work team, or if you would like to learn more, please contact one of the sponsors below:

Amy Bosley

Lead Sponsor

Vice President, Organizational Development & Human Resources

Susan Ledlow


Vice President, Academic Affairs & Planning


The Power to Serve: Valencia's Five-Year Impact Plan

Impact Planning Definitions


Contact Information:

Susan Ledlow
VP, Academic Affairs & Planning
P: 407-582-3423

Karen M. Borglum
AVP, Curriculum & Assessment
P: 407-582-3455

Noelia Maldonado Rodriguez
Coordinator, Institutional Advancement
P: 407-582-3487


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