Strategic Planning at Valencia

Evidence Based Practice

(This entire initiative was subsequently moved under collegewide Capacity Plan)

The faculty and staff within the Assessment for Learning team are focused on the people and processes that have the potential to directly impact student learning.  The team aims to bring what we are learning across the college into a cohesive and comprehensive view, while also supporting and learning from the work of the other teams.

Working Theories (Draft):

A stronger sense of shared purpose leads to meaningful assessment and improved student learning (updated)

Vision Statement (Draft):

Valencia assessment activities lead to improved student learning

Goals/Objectives (Draft):

1. Develop a comprehensive annual assessment strategy

  • Develop a culture of assessment
  • Create a schedule and budget to conduct Academic Initiative Reviews (AIR)
  • Review General Education outcome assessments to determine student learning during their time at Valencia

2.. Develop an institutional effectiveness plan used to show student learning and to make changes

  • Create an institutional effectiveness model that evaluates the strategic plan and other initiatives
  • Document and archive cycle of institutional effectiveness to demonstrate how we used data to enhance student learning
  • Utilize CCSSE data for decision making
  • Examine the effectiveness of strategies, processes, and itnerventions resulting from online work plans and the strategic plan
  • Review QEP and make changes as appropriately based in data to improve student learning

3. Increase capacity for data

  • Establish data needs for program viability
  • Review data needs for new program launch

4. Create a cycle that supports new initiatives to sustain a culture of innovation

(Moved from Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century)

  • Establish a college-wide team that reviews evidence (including student data, community input, financial data) about new and existing initiatives
  • Devise a rubric, process, and timeline for evaluating innovative practices
  • Establish a budget line to support implementation and scaling of selected initiatives on a cyclical and predetermined interval

5. Establish a process by which we ground ourselves in evidence-based practice for teaching and learning (Academic Affairs)

(Moved from Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century)

  • Review current evidence-based practices that have been proven to improve student success
  • Review and revise our development courses, practices, and programs to integrate evidence-based practices into all our offerings
  • Review current evidence-based practices that have been proven to improve student success

6. Based upon the trends and what we know about evidenced-based practices, identify, design, and implement innovative teaching and learning experiences for 21st Century education (Sponsored by Learning Leadership Council)

(Moved from Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century)

  • Commission teams to explore and pilot new initiatives and strategies
  • Review and explore promising existing initiatives and strategies



If you are interested in becoming part of this strategic initiatives work team, or if you would like to learn more, please contact one of the facilitators below:

Laura Blasi


Director, Institutional Assessment

Roberta Carew


Professor, Mathematics




Meeting Dates

Timeline of events:

1. October 2 (Fri.): Team begins refining the interview questions we will use

2. By October 9 (Fri.): Team members will have read the questions built on the format we practiced Sept. 25th and suggested any additions

3. By October 16 (Fri.): Team members receive the final list of the questions (edited) to use when interviewing (“each on reach one” activity)

4. By Oct. 30 (Fri.): Team members will conduct individual interviews and post results

5. By November 13 (Fri.): Team compiles and makes observations based on results.

6. By November 20 (Fri.): Ideas will be written up for formal report by select team members.

Upcoming Meetings:

None at this time.


Past Meetings:

Kick-Off Big Meeting

Date: Friday, September 25, 2015

Time: 11:30 to 4:30PM

Location: School of Public Safety

The Power to Serve: Valencia's Five-Year Impact Plan

Impact Planning Definitions


Contact Information:

Susan Ledlow
VP, Academic Affairs & Planning
P: 407-582-3423

Karen M. Borglum
AVP, Curriculum & Assessment
P: 407-582-3455

Noelia Maldonado Rodriguez
Coordinator, Institutional Advancement
P: 407-582-3487


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