New Student Experience

New Student Experience

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“My professor really is the main contributing factor to my success. There is an amazing support system and really helped when things got tough.” – Student quote

"I think this course is great and every student should take it. The assignments require you to think, analyze, and decide what you really want to do. I would take it again!" - Student Quote

The NSE Course (SLS1122)

Among the most talked about and eagerly anticipated of the initiatives of the NSE is the NSE Course. The new course is a required, credit-bearing course that is aligned to general education outcomes and will eventually be delivered in three formats: a basic, meta-major, and an embedded outcome version of the NSE course. The course was built from the ground up to solidify students’ purpose, pathways, personal connection, sense of place, development of a plan and aspects of preparation for college (the 6 Ps). In addition, students in the NSE Course receive personalized advising from their NSE instructor.

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Facts About the NSE Course

  • 8,259 students have taken the NSE Course since Fall 2014
  • 32% of the students in the NSE Course had a dedicated FT faculty advisor in Fall 2014
  • 65% of the students in the NSE Course had a dedicated FT faculty advisor in Spring 2015

Students say the aspects of the NSE course that promoted learning and engagement were…

  • the enthusiasm, support, and care of the professor
  • learning to appreciate group work and the importance of team work
  • learning the importance of establishing good communication skills
  • learning how to manage their time, stay organized, and study
  • focusing on finding and using their strengths

(Source: Student Feedback on Instruction Data)