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Wait List

Some course sections provide wait lists which will start when all of the seats for the class are taken. Any student attempting to register will be told that no seats are available but they can choose to be placed on a wait list ('wait listed') for that course. Courses that offer the wait list feature can be identified by the registration 'error' message that is received when someone attempts to register for them:

  • CLOSED-Waitlist 003 indicates that this course is full and 3 students are already on the wait list. You can add your name to the waitlist if you wish.
  • OPEN-Waitlist 002 indicates that this course has open seats but they belong to individuals who are on the wait list. You can add your name to the wait list for future open seats if you wish.
  • CLOSED-Waitlist Full indicates that this course is full and so is the waitlist. You cannot add your name to the wait list.
  • OPEN-Waitlist Full indicates that some students on the waitlist have been offered seats so spots will become available on the waitlist when they are processed. You cannot add your name to the wait list but you should check back later for an update.

To add yourself to a wait list, choose 'Waitlisted' from the drop down menu and click Submit Changes after you receive one of the errors above.

If you have chosen to be wait listed and you receive an e-mail via your Atlas account notifying you that a seat has become available, you will have 24 hours to respond to the e-mail or the seat will be offered to the next wait listed student. It is therefore very important that you check your Atlas e-mail account frequently. Please note that if you needed to get an override in order to register for a course, you will NOT be able to add yourself to a wait list for that course in Atlas. You will need to go to an Answer Center to be added to the wait list for that course.



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