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Advisors and counselors are available on every campus to meet with students on a walk-in basis to provide advising on career and academic planning, successful transition to the university, and how to enhance college success skills.

Pre-Majors Q & A

Valencia College officials recently discovered an issue related to the college's Associate in Arts pre-majors. The college's computer system was considering each pre-major as if it were a separate degree. Valencia only awards one Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree, and all pre-majors lead to the completion of the same A.A. degree.

As a result, students who had selected an A.A. pre-major as their program of study were sent an email on December 3, explaining that the college had updated their records to reflect that the credential they are pursuing is an Associate in Arts degree.

In response to student inquiries, the college has posted responses to commonly asked questions about this change.

Has Valencia College gotten rid of pre-majors?

Valencia College has not eliminated any pre-majors. Students may continue to follow pre-major guidelines, which were created to prepare students for successful transfer into their chosen bachelor's degree program.

What does this change mean for me?

It's important to understand that your degree has not changed. Every pre-major leads to the completion of the same Associate in Arts degree. We encourage you to take courses that are part of your pre-major to complete the requirements for your Associate in Arts degree and prepare for transfer.

Why does Valencia College have pre-majors if all of them lead to the same Associate in Arts degree?

Pre-majors help you select general education and elective courses that meet the requirements for an Associate in Arts degree and complete program pre-requisites to prepare you for transfer into your chosen bachelor's degree program. Following a plan like this is critically important to selecting the right courses for your major.

How does this affect my financial aid?

Courses that do not count toward your degree are not eligible for federal financial aid. The college is working with students impacted by this change to discuss possible options, including looking at other potential sources of funding.

I have completed the requirements for the Associate in Arts degree. Should I continue to take courses that are part of my pre-major?

It is always best to discuss course options with your advisor. The courses outlined in your pre-major may be pre-requisites for admission into your preferred bachelor's degree program, and in that case, it may be preferable to take the courses at Valencia even after you complete the requirements for an Associate in Arts degree.

What should I do now if I still have questions?

Please see your advisor with specific questions. You can find out who your advisor is in your Atlas account (Course tab, Academic Profile channel), but any campus advisor should be able to answer your questions. You can also contact Enrollment Services at 407-582-1507.

Mission Statement

Advising and Counseling is system of shared responsibilities between students and the College that results in social and academic integration, education and career plans, and the acquisition of study and life skills.



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