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To review work completed by our students you can check out our showcase of student work in our vccgraphics flickr account. If you are a Valencia student and would like to submit your work for consideration in the flickr showcase you should follow our set submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

As you guys know most adjuncts stay very busy with their fulltime jobs. Some have moved on and are no longer teaching, others may not have kept all student work. So we now turn to you all to keep adding to the flickr showcase. But this doesn�t mean stop and send us every single piece of work you�ve done in the graphics program, only send us your best work. Based on feedback you were provided in your class as well as project grades you should have a good idea if your work is near portfolio quality. Here are a few guidelines for you to consider before sending your work.

Print Design

Send only work that is near or at portfolio quality.
Much like your own portfolios, we want to showcase the best work. If you aren�t sure it doesn�t hurt to send us your work. But if you know it still needs a lot of work please take the time to refine your project before sending it to us.

Send us the details.
Because we weren't in class with you we really don't have any information but what you provide us, so please provide the following when you send your files: Title of piece, your name, your instructor's name, semester you completed the project, course name, any techniques used (if applicable: i.e. gradient mesh, etc.)

Only send us jpg files.
To help us speed up the process of displaying your work please crop your work and send it in jpg format. Please keep your file over 1000px by 1000px but less than 2000px by 2000px. This will allow for a larger resolution version to be downloadable online. Do NOT send any files over 1MB, reducing your image size and saving for the web will keep your file size to a minimum.

Send a photo of the piece only if it compliments the project.
Some project such as products, brochures, and self promotional pieces are most effective if they are photographed. There is a light booth on east campus that works well for photoshoots.

Web/Interactive Design
I am currently working on adding more web and interactive work in the upcoming weeks, unfortunately it takes a bit more work because we will be linking to the actual interactive project which we will host on our program web site. Here are a few guidelines for interactive projects:

Any Flash over 100k must have a preloader.
If you did not incorporate a preloader for a project, before it is posted it must have a preloader.

Incorporate your flash file into an html page.
This will speed up posting. You can do this through Flash or Dreamweaver.

Make sure your home page is named index.html

Zip your files
You will need to zip your files to send them via email. If they are still several megabytes you may need to send to us using alternative methods such as ftp or using the dropbox on campus.

We DON�T need your source files
Please don�t send any FLA, PSD, or AI files. If we need them we will request them.

Send us a screenshot.
Obviously we can�t post the interactive project directly in Flickr so we�ll need a screen shot of your project like this. Send your screenshot in jpg format as described above for print design.

Send us the details.
Because we weren�t in class with you we really don�t have any information but what you provide us, so please provide the following when you send your files: Title of piece, your name, your instructors name, semester you completed the project, course name, and any special interactive features.

So send us your work, we're eager to see more great projects! Send all work to akern [at] If you don't see your work in Flickr or you don't receive a response from me it's likely that your email might not have gone through so send us a follow up email if that happens. (Sorry, VCC's email is a tad bit secure!)

Note:Sending your work to us does not guarantee it will be posted in Flickr. We reserve the right to decline posting in Flickr, and of course we'll let you know why.


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