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Student Displays


Sculpture I M. Galletta

Sculpture I

Instructor : Michael Galletta


Design I C. Canova

Design I

Instructor : Courtney Canova


Drawing I Courtney Canova

Drawing I

Instructor : Courtney Canova

Design II : J. Miller

Design II

Instructor: Jackie Otto-Miller


Art Department Annual Christmas Sale



Sale  -12  (5) Sale - 12 (15) Sale - 12 (12)


Sale - 12  (11) Sale - 12  (13) Sale - 12  (7)



In addition to an outstanding education, there are many opportunities outside the classroom offered to our aspiring artists:

Annual Student Art Sale: The Student Art Sale is open to all art students, and it occurs every year before Christmas break out in the courtyard in front of the Library. Students simply sign up for table space, show up with art to sell, and make money for themselves and for the art program!








The Visual Arts Club: The Visual Arts Club is a group dedicated to fun artistic activities while helping to build skills and provide useful resources and knowledge to become successful in the art industry. This club is available to anyone with an interest in art from the occassional doodler to the career bound artisian. The Visual Arts Club takes part in campus activities and provides services to other Valencia clubs on a volunteer basis.  Events such as minor workshops and art sales will be hosted on campus. The only requirement to become a member is a 2.0 GPA or higher and an interest in art. Meetings are currently held on Thursdays at 1:00 pm in 3-147.


Valencia's Anita S. Wooten Gallery provides changing exhibits featuring Local, National and Internationally known artists, and annual exhibits such as The Juried Student Exhibition, Selected Faculty Exhibition, and Graphics Faculty Exhibition.



Degree Offered

Associate in Arts Degree- Pre-Major: Art, Studio/ Fine Art
View the Visual Arts Degree Requirements


Visual Arts Courses Offered

DRAWING I & II : Andrew Downey, Dennis Schmalstig, Courtney Canova, Nargges Albekord, Allan Maxwell, Kyle, Nancy Jay, Michael Galletta
PAINTING I & II : Dennis Schmalstig
DESIGN I & II : Andrew Downey, Jackie Otto-Miller, Kyle, Camillo Velasquez
PRINTMAKING I & II : Andrew Downey
PHOTOGRAPHY I & II : Cassandra Anselmo, Allan Maxwell, Nicholas Wozniak (digital), Karen Lee (digital)
CERAMICS I, II, & III : Michael Galletta, George Parker, John Kellum, Vincent Sansone
SCULPTURE I & II : Michael Galletta, David Cumbie


Selected Topics Courses

Potters Guild Ceramics III


Financial Aid and Scholarships

Scholarships for visual art students are given each year. These are based on merit from a portfolio submission and may be granted in addition to other financial aid. Submissions are taken every Spring semester in consideration of scholarships for the following academic year. The due date of portfolio submissions will be announced soon on this website as well as on the bulletin board in building 3 next to room 147.




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