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Digital Media Technology
Associate Degree in Science

Valencia’s A.S. Degree in Digital Media is one of the hottest emerging career fields today. Combining classroom experience with real-world projects, this interdisciplinary program is designed for students seeking exciting careers in digital video production, motion graphics, journalism, or programming for the web. Students create persuasive, informational, educational and entertainment-based projects for the web, mobile devices, broadcast, or live events.

We have four specializations in the degree:

Web Developer

woman in front of html whiteboardfocuses on the programming associated with client-side web and application creation. Students create dynamic, interactive content using agile programming techniques, pair programming, and the most current scripting and programming languages.

This track also covers the business and ethics of web development so students can work effectively as a free-lancer or as part of a team.

You can find a courseflow for this specialization here.


Mobile Journalism

journalist and cameraman on locationfocuses on creating video, audio and graphics content for the fast-paced world of news production.Students will learn to write, produce, edit and upload stories from anywhere in the world.

Topics include journalism, photography, on-camera performance, graphics creation, and video production.Students utilize state-of-the-art technology to prepare for work as a backpack journalist.

You can find a courseflow for this specialization here.


Live Event Video Production

A student prepares to shoot a local high school football a mixture of theater production and video production. Students learn basic stagecraft, lighting and sound for theater and live events, video production and editing, and advanced video distribution technologies like web streaming.

If you're interested in cables, cameras, lights, sound and video boards, and working in medium to large teams to capture events as they happen, this may be the track for you.

This specialization is designed to train students for the types of video production jobs found at television stations, convention centers, houses of worship, concerts, sporting events and other types of live events.

You can find a courseflow for this specialization here.


Video and Motion Graphics

A student draws an electronic image with a Wacom tablet and a a mixture of graphic arts and video production. Students learn drawing, typographical design, animation principles, video production and editing, and also explore true 3D graphics and interactive graphics programs. There's a deep immersion into the Adobe Creative Suite of programs, as well as non-linear editing systems like Adobe's Premiere Pro.

If you're interested in animation, lots of one-on-one time with your computer, and motion and video effects programs, take a look at this track.

This specialization is designed to train students for the types of jobs found in television station art departments, multimedia companies, and in the media divisions of any company.

You can find a courseflow for this specialization here.

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