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Transition to Bachelor's Degree Programs:

UCF Acceptance of all A.S. Degrees in Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) Degree Program

The Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) offered by the University of Central Florida's Connect Valencia Campus serves all Associate in Science (A.S.) graduates who desire a bachelor's degree for career or personal advancement.

In Orlando, UCF offers the B.A.S. at UCF MetroWest (Valencia's West Campus) and UCF Osceola (Valencia's Osceola Campus). The program builds on the technical and professional skills acquired in the A.S. degree and focuses on enhaning organizational skills, management skills and communication skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving. This program has flexibility, allowing students to complete any needed remaining general education or foreign language courses at Valencia or at UCF. The curriculum consists of core courses in ethics, management and communication with a concentration chosen by the student.

The student may choose a concentration in one of the following areas:

  • Legal Studies Track
  • Information Technology Track
  • Criminal Justice Track
  • Health Services Administration Track
  • Software Development Track

Benefits of the B.A.S:

  • AS students can take advantage of DirectConnect to UCF and have guaranteed* program admission (*Consistent with university policy.)
  • BAS program accepts courses taken at Valencia
  • Entire degree program is completed at a UCF Connect Valencia Campus
  • Coursework helps prepare students for management-level positions
  • 6 hours of upper-level credits are waived (42 vs. 48)
  • Students have the flexibility to choose one of 6 areas of concentration -- not limited to AS specialization
  • Students can complete their General Education courses concurrently at the community college while taking upper-level courses
  • Required upper-level electives allows for declaration of a minor with an additional specialization
  • There are no common program pre-requisites
  • Students can easily change careers
  • Students can transition into graduate programs