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Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree and Certificate Programs

Jump right into the job market with one of our exciting career programs.

Valencia College offers more than 130 career programs, including 36 A.S. degrees and over 90 certificate programs that prepare you to go directly to work into a specialized career. Whether it's nursing, cyber security, property management, criminal justice or a host of other high-demand occupations, we have an exciting program that can meet your career goals.

Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree Programs

A.S. degree students have the world at their fingertips. In as little as two years, you can gain the marketable skills that put you on the path to a real career and a well-paying job. Valencia College's A.S. degree programs are two-years and prepare you for immediate employment in a specialized career upon graduation. They are all geared toward exciting industries and are designed to give you the best possible preparation for the fastest-growing jobs in the region. These programs are developed under the guidance of top business and industry employers who know the skills you need to succeed in the real world. In addition, each A.S. degree program has its own Career Program Advisor who can assist you in developing an educational plan that will help you achieve your career goals.

With an A.S. degree, you have several options. You can enter directly into a high-skill, high-wage career upon graduation. You also have the option of transferring into the college's Bachelor of Applied Science in Business and Organizational Leadership degree or into specific 2+2 bachelor's degree programs that are offered at Florida state colleges.

College Credit Certificate Programs

Valencia College's certificate programs can put you on the fast-track to reaching your career goals. They are designed to prepare you for an entry-level job or to upgrade your skills for job advancement and serve as building blocks of success as you progress through your A.S. degree. Most can be completed in one year or less.

For information about the certificate programs, select the certificate you are interested in below, then look under the certificate section on corresponding A.S. degree web page and click on the link.


(Meta-Major: Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design)

Digital Media Technology (A.S. Degree)

  • Digital Broadcast Production (24 Credit Certificate)
  • Digital Media Development (12 Credit Certificate)
  • Digital Media Video Production (12 Credit Certificate)
  • Digital Media Web Production (15 Credit Certificate)
  • Digital Video Editing and Post-Production (24 Credit Certificate)
  • Digital Video Fundamentals (12 Credit Certificate)
  • Digital Webcast Media (12 Credit Certificate)
  • Digital Webcast Technology (24 Credit Certificate)

Entertainment Design and Technology (A.S. Degree)

  • Entertainment Stage Technology (17 Credit Certificate)

Film Production Technology (A.S. Degree)

  • Film Production Fundamentals (24 Credit Certificate)

Graphic and Interactive Design (A.S. Degree)

  • Graphic Design Production (24 Credit Certificate)
  • Graphic Design Support (15 Credit Certificate)
  • Graphics - Interactive Design Production (24 Credit Certificate)
  • Graphics - Interactive Design Support (15 Credit Certificate)

New Media Communication (A.S. Degree)

  • Social Media Communication Support (18 Credit Certificate)

Sound and Music Technology (A.S. Degree)

  • Sound - Audio Electronics Specialist (24 Credit Certificate)
  • Audio Visual Production (15 Credit Certificate)
  • Sound - Digital Music Production (12 Credit Certificate)


(Meta-Major: Business)

Accounting Technology (A.S. Degree)

  • Accounting Applications (27 Credit Certificate)
  • Accounting Operations (18 Credit Certificate)
  • Accounting Specialist (12 Credit Certificate)

Business Administration (A.S. Degree)

  • Business Management (24 Credit Certificate)
  • Business Operations (18 Credit Certificate)
  • Business Specialist - (12 Credit Certificate)
  • Customer Service Management (24 Credit Certificate)
  • Customer Services Operations (18 Credit Certificate)
  • Customer Service Specialist (12 Credit Certificate)
  • Entrepreneurship (12 Credit Certificate)
  • Human Resources Management (24 Credit Certificate)
  • Human Resources Operations (12 Credit Certificate)
  • Human Resources Specialist (12 Credit Certificate)
  • International Business Specialist (12 Credit Certificate)
  • Operations Support and Services (9 Credit Certificate)
  • Real Estate Specialist (12 Credit Certificate)
  • Social Entrepreneurship Specialist (12 Credit Certificate)

Medical Administration (A.S. Degree)

  • Medical Office Management (34 Credit Certificate)
  • Medical Office Specialist (18 Credit Certificate)
  • Medical Office Support (12 Credit Certificate)

Office Administration (A.S. Degree)

  • Office Management (27 Credit Certificate)
  • Office Specialist (18 Credit Certificate)
  • Office Support (12 Credit Certificate)

Residential Property Management (A.S. Degree)

Supervision and Management for Industry (A.S. Degree)

  • Operations Support and Services (9 Credit Certificate)




(Meta-Major: Industry/Manufacturing and Construction)

Construction and Civil Engineering Technology (A.S. Degree)

  • Construction Specialist (18 Credit Certificate)
  • Field Survey Technician (18 Credit Certificate)

Drafting and Design Technology (A.S. Degree)

  • Drafting (24 Credit Certificate)
  • Drafting - AutoCAD (15 Credit Certificate)
  • Rapid Prototyping Specialist (12 Credit Certificate)

Electronics Engineering Technology (A.S. Degree)

  • Advanced Electronics Technician (31 Credit Certificate)
  • Basic Electronics Technician (14 Credit Certificate)
  • Laser and Photonics Technician (12 Credit Certificate)
  • Robotics and Simulation Technician (12 Credit Certificate)

Energy Management and Controls Technology (A.S. Degree)

Network Engineering Technology (A.S. Degree)

  • Cloud Computing Architecture (24 Credit Certificate)
  • Cyber Security (30 Credit Certificate)
  • Digital Forensics (32 Credit Certificate)
  • Linux Enterprise Server Administration (24 Credit Certificate)
  • Network Administration (24 Credit Certificate)
  • Network Infrastructure (21 Credit Certificate)
  • Network Support (21 Credit Certificate)



(Meta-Major: Health Sciences)

Biotechnology Laboratory Sciences (A.S. Degree)

  • Biotechnology Laboratory Specialist (30 Credit Certificate)


(Meta-Major: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Cardiovascular Technology (A.S. Degree)

  • Echocardiography (Advanced Certificate)

Dental Hygiene (A.S. Degree)

Diagnostic Medical Sonography (A.S. Degree)

Emergency Medical Services Technology (A.S. Degree)

  • EMT (11 Credits)
  • Paramedic Technology (42 Credit Certificate)

Health Information Technology (A.S. Degree)

  • Medical Information Coder/Biller (37 Credit Certificate)

Nursing, RN (A.S. Degree)

Accelerated Track in Nursing (ATN)

Radiography (A.S. Degree)

  • Computed Tomography - CT (Advanced Certificate - 9 Credits)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging - MRI (Advanced Certificate - 12 Credits)
  • Mammography (Advanced Certificate - 12 Credits)

Respiratory Care (A.S. Degree)

Veterinary Technology (A.S. Degree)

(Offered through a Cooperative Agreement with St. Petersburg College)




(Meta-Major: Business)

Baking and Pastry Management (A.S. Degree)

  • Baking and Pastry Arts (35 Credit Certificate)

Culinary Management (A.S. Degree)

  • Chef's Apprentice (12 Credit Certificate)
  • Culinary Arts Management (18 Credit Certificate)
  • Culinary Arts (35 Credit Certificate)

Hospitality and Tourism Management (A.S. Degree)

  • Hospitality-Event Planning Management (24 Credit Certificate)
  • Hospitality-Guest Service Specialist (15 Credit Certificate)
  • Hospitality-Rooms Division Management (30 Credit Certificate)
  • Restaurant and Food Service Management (30 Credit Certificate)

Restaurant and Food Service Management (A.S. Degree)

  • Restaurant and Food Service Management (30 Credit Certificate)



(Meta-Major: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Computer Information Technology (A.S. Degree)

  • Computer Information - Data Specialist (9 Credit Certificate)
  • Computer Information Technology Analyst (27 Credit Certificate)
  • Computer Information Technology Specialist (18 Credit Certificate)
  • Mobile Devices and Cloud Computing (24 Credit Certificate)

Computer Programming and Analysis (A.S. Degree)

  • Computer Programming (33 Credit Certificate)
  • Computer Programming Specialist (18 Credit Certificate)



(Meta-Major: Public Safety)

Criminal Justice Institute Academy Programs

  • Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officer (Career Certificate)
  • Correctional Officer (Career Certificate)
  • Crossover: Corrections to Law Enforcement (Career Certificate)
  • Law Enforcement Officer (Career Certificate)

Criminal Justice (A.S. Degree)

  • Criminal Justice Technology Specialist (24 Credit Certificate)
  • Homeland Security Specialist (9 Credit Certificate)
  • Homeland Security Law Enforcement Specialist (15 Credit Certificate)
  • Hospitality Security Specialist (9 Credit Certificate)

Criminal Justice - Experiential Learning Program

Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Academy Track (A.S. Degree)


Fire Science Technology (A.S. Degree)

  • Fire Officer Supervisor (12 Credit Certificate)

Fire Science Academy Track (A.S. Degree)

  • Combined Program: (Fire Science A.S. Degree/EMT/Fire Fighter Minimum Standards)

Fire Rescue Institute - Academy Programs

  • Fire Fighter I and II Minimum Standards (Career Certificate)
  • Fire Fighter/EMT - Combined Program (Career Certificate)


(Meta-Major: Business)

Paralegal Studies (A.S. Degree)



(Meta-Major: Industry/Manufacturing and Construction)

Plant Science and Agricultural Technology (A.S. Degree)

  • Plant Science Professional (18 Credit Certificate)
  • Plant Science Specialist (12 Credit Certificate)
  • Plant Science Technician (30 Credit Certificate)






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