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Engineering Technology

Associate in Degree & Certificate Programs

Grab your goals by the horns...

An Astronaut, A President, a Filmmaker and You...What do Neil Armstrong, Jimmy Carter and Alfred Hitchcock have in common? They all earned degrees in engineering. What these famous folks discovered (and what you will too) is that there's no limit to what you can do with a degree in this diverse, dynamic and hands-on field. After all, engineering programs like those offered at Valencia will help you develop analytical skills and technological expertise that can be put to use in a wide variety of jobs.

Of course, most people who study engineering do practice in the field, which is why engineering is the second largest profession in the nation, with more than a million engineers working in the United States today.

At Valencia, we offer Engineering and Technology programs that prepare students to become engineering technicians. These technicians use the principles and theories of science, engineering and mathematics to solve technical problems in research and development, manufacturing, sales, construction, inspection and maintenance. Many engineering technicians work with engineers as part of an engineering team, translating the engineer's designs into actual products -- from building bridges to building construction.