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Allied Health

Nursing, RN

Program Guide with Course and Admission Requirements:

Note: The Nursing, RN program is a selective admission, limited enrollment program.

Program Description

Some consider nursing to be a calling - a job that picks you as much as you pick it. Registered nurses assess patient health problems and needs, develop nursing care plans, and provide compassionate care to patients who are ill, injured, convalescent or disabled. R.N.'s are typically concerned with the "whole person" providing for the physical, mental and emotional needs of their patients.

Typical Tasks May Include:

  • caring for the physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being of the patients
  • protecting a patient's safety and personal rights
  • assisting a patient in their rehabilitation to reach maximum levels of functioning
  • coordinating and managing care with other health care providers
  • using critical thinking skills to make clinical decisions alone or in collaboration with the patient's significant others and/or other members of the health care team

Potential Careers and Employers:

  • Careers: Registered Nurse
  • Employers: Nursing offers many employment opportunities in private industry, physicians' offices, hospitals, nursing homes, health maintenance organizations, civil-service, public health and world health organizations, and military and Peace Corps.

Job Search and Salary Information:

Qualified nurses may work anywhere in the country and often may choose their jobs, hours, and employers. Pay scales and employment opportunities continue to expand as the health care industry grows, particularly in Central Florida.

For Job search and salary information, visit "My Job Prospects" on the LifeMap Tab in Atlas to help you find employment and wage information.

Contact Information:

For more information, contact the Health Sciences Career Program Advisor, at 407-582-1288 or email