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Assessment Services

Mission Statement

To provide and educate students about standardized testing in a secure and consistent environment that supports all stages of their educational goals.

*Important Information*

2015 Closed Dates for Assessment Centers

May 25- We will resume testing May 26.

You will be asked to have the follwoing when coming to the Assessment Center:

  • Admissions application complete and $35 application fee paid 5 business days prior to testing
  • Valid and original government issued photo ID
  • Valencia ID number found in your acceptance letter (V0******)
  • Atlas username and password created. Create your username and password @ the following link: https://atlas.valenciacollege.edu/

Quick Links : New Student, PERT, CLEP, TEAS, CJBAT, Compass ESL, Placement Chart, Testing Rules, Contact Us

Assessment Testing Hours

Office hours intake testing monday thru thursday 8am-4pm, friday 9am-2pm CJBAT monday thru thursday 8am - 3pm friday 9-2pm TEAS monday thru thursday 8 am- 2pm friday 9am-1pm CLEP by appointment only.

New Student Intake Process

New Student Induction Process STEP 1 Admissions & Financial Aid STEP 2 Create your Atlas Account (wait at least 1 hour for your account to load all information) STEP 3 Entry Review & New Student Orientation Log into Blackboard www.learn.valenciacollege.edu Complete ALL Steps in the “Intake Process” Course Wait 2 business days after ALL Steps are completed Log into Atlas to register for New Student Orientation and attend orientation STEP 4 Register & Pay Fees STEP 5 ID Card & Parking Decal STEP 6 Buy Books & Go to classFor more information about the New Student Intake Process, click HERE.









SSB, Rm 171 (407) 582-1101
Bldg 5, Rm 237 (407) 582-2770
Bldg 4, Rm 248-250 (407) 582-4149
Lake Nona
Bldg 1, Rm 206 (407) 582-7104
Winter Park
Bldg 1, Rm 104 (407) 582-6086