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Assessment Services

Requesting/Submitting Scores

Valencia only accepts scores within the past 2 years

PERT (Post Secondary Readiness Test) Scores

Retrieve PERT scores from a Florida school: If you would like to submit PERT scores taken in the state of Florida within the last 2 years, please contact us with the following information:

Full name, VID#, email, phone and where you took the PERT.

We will use this information to retrieve your scores in the Florida PERT Repository.

PERT Scores Request Form

Send PERT scores to a different school: If you would like another Florida institution to receive your PERT scores, ask the receiving institution to retrieve your scores from the Florida PERT Repository. If your institution does not have access to the PERT Repository, please fill out the following form: Valencia Score Request Form.

Accuplacer CPT (College Placement Test) Scores

If you have taken the Accuplacer in the past 2 years, please have the institution fax, mail or email us your scores and call us to ensure we have received them.

We will only accept the following Accuplacer tests:

CPT Reading (Comprehension)

CPT Sentence Skills (Writing)

CPT Elementary Algebra (Math)

Click here to review the CPT score placement.            

Scores must be sent directly from the institution.

Assessment email: assessment@valenciacollege.edu

Assessment fax: 407-582-1682

Assessment address:

ATT: Assessment Services
1800 S Kirkman Rd
Orlando, FL 32811

Assessment phone: 407-582-1101


ACT/SAT Scores

If you have taken the ACT or SAT in the past two years and they are at college level, please have your scores sent to us electronically. No copied or scanned score reports will be accepted.

Please note: Sending SAT and ACT scores electronically will take 5 weeks to receive and process.

ACT scores can be sent electronically from your ACT account. See the ACT website for details.

SAT scores can be sent electronically from your CollegeBoard Account.

** Please note, Valencia cannot provide official scores for this test. All request must be done through CollegeBoard.

TEAS Scores

If you would like to transfer scores from tests taken at Valencia College, go to the ATI testing online store, click on TEAS/Discover Transcripts. You will be asked to fill out a form. The scores will be sent electronically.

Valencia will accept your previous ATI TEAS scores from another institution. You may request your scores by going to ATI online stores. Please make sure your scores are sent to Valencia College (Valencia ADN).

**Please note, Valencia cannot provide official scores for this test. All requests must be done through ATItesting.com

CJBAT Scores

If you would like to request your CJBAT scores please complete the Valencia College Test Score Request Form. Make sure to fill out the form completely including your Date of Birth and VID number. Attach a copy of a government issued picture ID that also includes your signature. Request forms without a picture ID with signature will not be processed. Incomplete requests will not be honored. Please fax the form to the Assessment Center of your choice, specific details are located on the form.

CLEP Scores

If you plan to attend another college or university, your CLEP scores do not transfer automatically with your Valencia College transcript. You will need to send your CLEP scores in addition to your Valencia transcript. In order to send additional transcripts, call 1-800-257-9558 or by completing a CLEP Transcript Request Form and mail it to:

P.O. Box 6600
Princeton, NJ

Click here to read more about CLEP scores.

**Please note the following:

Valencia cannot provide official scores for this test. All request must be done through CollegeBoard.

Valencia will ONLY accept CLEP transcripts through CollegeBoard.

It takes 4 weeks to receive and process CLEP score reports.

CLAST Scores

Teacher certification candidates, who wish to submit CLAST scores to the  Bureau of Educator Certification, will need to obtain an official score report that display their CLAST scores.

  • If the teacher certification candidate took the CLAST prior to July 1, 2002, then the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) testing contractor, ES Pearson, will have their CLAST scores on file and can produce a duplicate score report, which will be accepted by the Bureau of Educator Certification. Instructions from ES Pearson for obtaining a duplicate score report.
  • If an individual took the CLAST before July 1, 2002, but did not pass the subtest(s) until after July 1, 2002, the passing score will not be on file and is not eligible for teacher certification purposes.
  • If an individual's CLAST scores are listed on their transcript as a 999(99), 998(98), 997(97), or 996(96), then the individual was exempted from taking the CLAST and, therefore, does not have passing scores.

Pearson Score Request Form if taken prior to July 2002 or after the 60 day window has expired.

More information about the CLAST can be found here.

**Please note, Valencia cannot provide official scores for this test. All request must be done through Pearson or FLDOE.




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