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All refunds and financial aid disbursements will be processed in accordance with your refund preference selected using your Valencia Debit card. You can visit the Higher One to change your refund preference at any time.

More information about refunds can be found on the Refund's FAQ page.

Refund Policy

To receive a 100% refund of the refundable fees, students must drop from a course or all courses before the last day of the Drop/Add period as listed in the credit class schedule.

If you withdraw from a class after the Add/Drop period but before the withdrawal deadline, you will receive a grade of "W" and will not be entitled to a refund of fees.

If you withdraw from a course after the withdrawal deadline, you will be issued a grade of "W", and a refund will not be granted.

If you have recieved financial aid, or if your fees were paid by an approved agency, you might be entitled to a refund after proper credits are first issued to the awarding agency. Refund policies are established by and subject to change by the Legislature of the State of Florida.

For refund purposes, the first day of classes is the one designated "Classes Begin" as published in the College's catalog and the class schedule, and does not refer to the first scheduled class day for any particular student.

Valencia Debit Card

Your refund money is electronically deposited in accordance with your refund preference selected at the Higher One site. You can visit this site to learn more about your refund choices.

Valencia releases funds approximately fifteen (15) working days after the last day of the Drop/Add period. If a debt is owed to the college, any refund will be applied to that debt; and any remaining refund due will be payable to the student.





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