Osceola Campus

The Osceola Campus serves nearly 20,000 students annually, and the demographics of the campus reflect the diversity of Osceola County, with nearly half of the students Hispanic.  Historically, Osceola County had one of the lowest college-going rates in the state; however, Valencia played an integral role in launching "Got College?," a community-based, grassroots effort to increase the percentage of students who attend college after high school.  As a result, the college-going rate increased by more than 20 percent between 2010 and 2015.  Valencia is seeking a leader who can build upon a strong partnership with the local school district to continue to provide increased access to higher education and help ensure that students are prepared for college-level coursework upon graduating from high school.

The Osceola Campus is home to four large academic buildings, including a 150,000 square-foot building that opened in 2013. Oversight for academic programs is provided by six academic deans who report directly to the campus president. The campus also houses a University of Central Florida Regional Campus, meaning that students can complete one of about a dozen bachelor’s degrees at the Osceola Campus. In 2015, the Osceola Campus received a $2.625 million Title V grant to accelerate the development of career and technical education pathways. As a result, two new buildings are under development for the Osceola Campus: a Careers in Industry and Technology (CIT) building and a Center for Accelerated Training (CAT) building. The CIT will be home to new programs such as Engineering Technology and Residential Property Management, and the CAT will house short-term, accelerated training programs in advanced manufacturing, construction, transportation and logistics, and healthcare, as well as language training programs. Valencia is seeking a visionary leader who will sustain momentum in new program development to meet the community's needs.

The Osceola Campus has a proud history of being a Hispanic-serving institution, responding to the diverse needs of its surrounding community. The campus has been proactive in opening doors to higher education to recent immigrants as well as undocumented students, and is currently working to support students from Puerto Rico who were displaced by Hurricane María. Valencia is seeking a leader deeply committed to being active in and serving the diverse needs of its community, including a preference for a leader who is bilingual in English and Spanish and who is comfortable engaging with the Spanish-speaking media.


Osceola Campus

Osceola Campus

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