Continuous Assessment and Responsive Engagement

What is CARE?

CARE, or Continuous Assessment and Responsive Engagement, is a faculty-led initiative aimed at establishing a systematic process for identifying and supporting struggling students. In other words, CARE represents an early alert system at Valencia.

Through the LifeMap Early Alert and Intervention (LFMP 3348) faculty development course, formerly known as CARE Strategies, faculty will be introduced to various resources available to support their students’ needs, and develop intervention strategies for struggling students that are grounded in continuous assessment and responsive engagement. With increased awareness of student support resources and practice with human-led early alert strategies, faculty will be better equipped to develop responsive approaches to learning within their classes.


LFMP 3348 - LifeMap Early Alert and Intervention - Spring 2018 Schedule

Session 1 (10 PD Hours)
Location - Online
Date - 2/1/18 to 3/1/18

Session 2 (10 PD Hours)
Location - Online
Date - 3/21/18 to 4/18/18

Participants will

  • articulate the components of early alert and intervention strategies.
  • connect appropriate available resources to students exhibiting academic and non-academic at-risk behaviors.
  • integrate the elements necessary to implement and early alert and intervention plan.

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