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Meet the Tech Express to Valencia Advisors

Lisa Bliss, Tech Express Advisor, OrangeTechnical College - Mid Florida Campus

Lisa Bliss lbliss@valenciacollege.edu

Lisa Bliss joined Valencia College in 2016 as member of the Tech Express to Valencia team. As the Tech Express Advisor on the Mid-Florida Campus of Orange Technical College (OTC), Lisa brings to her role, enthusiasm and the many years of experience and knowledge acquired while employed at Orange County Public Schools.

Lisa’s passion for supporting students is evident through her smiling face and open door. Lisa works with students on the Mid Florida campus to create awareness and understanding of the earned credit opportunities and career options Valencia offers to completers of specific technical programs. Lisa offers OTC students career advice, counseling, and assistance with applying to Valencia.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Indiana State University and a Master of Science Degree in School Counseling from Purdue University. She spent the majority of her career as a teacher and school counselor for Orange County Public Schools. Lisa now brings her leadership and program development skills to the Tech Express team at Valencia College.


Anita Gentz, Tech Express Advisor, Orange Technical College - Orlando and Winter Park Campuses

Anita Gentz


Anita joined Valencia College in 2016 as one of three Tech Express Advisors supporting the partnership between Orange County Public Schools Orange Technical College (OTC) and Valencia.  She brings to her role as Tech Express advisor professional, instructional and administrative experience as well as a wealth of knowledge acquired during her 38-year tenure at Orange County Public Schools. 

Anita enjoys encouraging students to take advantage of the earned college credit opportunities available to students completing specific technical programs. She is always ready to assist Orange and Winter Park students with applying to Valencia. Anita believes that transitioning OTC students to an articulated A.S degree program at Valencia prepares them for success and prosperity in their chosen career field.

Anita has a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education from the University of Central Florida. She holds State of Florida Department of Education certifications for Business Education, Vocational Office Education, Educational Leadership, Principal K-12 and Local Director of Vocational Education. Anita now uses her experience and credentials to serve students at OTC Orlando and Winter Park campuses.

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