Career Staff Association
Career Staff Association
Career Staff Association
Career Staff Association


The Career Staff Leadership Association (CSLA) is a reflection of its fellow colleagues.

The CSLA is a platform that:

  • Addresses employee concerns
  • Provides doors of communication
  • Assists in employee development

The CSLA listens to and addresses campus and collegewide concerns/issues and facilitates discussions that reflect solution-oriented resolutions.

The CSLA also provide Career staff representation at all communicational and organizational levels of the college.


Administrative Liaison:

Amy Bosley
MC: DO-21, Ext. 8255

College-wide Chair:

Michelle Rodriguez
MC: West 4-6, Ext. 1969

College-wide Chair-Elect:

Shalini Sealey
MC: East 3-11, Ext. 2812


Kari Makepeace
MC: DO-330, Ext. 3415

Collegewide Secretary/Treasurer:

Frances Middleton
MC: West 4-43, Ext. 5486

In addition, all CSA Chairs & Chair-Elects are members of the CSLA.

Last Updated: 1/13/15