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Crew Member Self Defense Training

Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) at Valencia Community College provides Airline Crew Member Self Defense Training in cooperation with the American Association of Community Colleges and U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Transportation Security Administration, Office of Federal Air Marshal Service.

Criminal Justice Institute instructors conducting this training are FDLE Certified Defensive Tactics Instructors that have been trained and certified to teach the Crew Member Self Defense Training tactics by Federal Air Masrhal Defensive Measures Instructors.

The CMSDT program is only available to actively employed flight or cabin crew members.  This advanced self-defense training program includes appropriate and effective responses for defending against an attacker. The program is delivered in two parts. First, the crew member receives and reviews a self-paced, interactive DVD and student manual designed to familiarize them with basic self defense concepts and techniques. After completing the review and a short written assessment, the crew member attends one day of "hands-on" training delivered by CJI instructors at

jetBlue University

; 8265 Hangar Blvd., Orlando, FL 32827,

jetBlue's training facility at Orlando International Airport (MCO).

(Training Hours are 8am - 5pm)

We have been informed that the CMSDT Program is suspended effective

April 1, 2013 due to federal budget cuts.



Four Happy Graduates from our November 13th Class

CMSDT Class Nov. 13th


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Comments from a Recent Graduate

"Hi David and Christa! I LOVED the course and have told everyone about it.  I hope you get more people interested in the course. I had a lot of fun and I surprised myself with my abilities!!! 

I hope I do not have to ever use them, but it is good to know I am not helpless. Take Care, I plan on taking a refresher course each year.


Joaquin, Natasha, Teresa, Deb, Tracy & Christian

Recent CMSDT Graduates ready for action!

Crew Member Self Defense Training Site:

jetBlue University

8265 Hangar Blvd.

Orlando, FL 32827

   CMSDT Mats at jetBlue


Brenda Townsend, Records Specialist (407) 582-8213

Dave Heffernan, Assistant Director, (407) 582-8212

Note: Please include your full name, airline, position, employee identification number, mailing address, and contact phone number if requesting enrollment via e-mail.

CMSDT Training Brochure


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