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Valencia’s Criminal Justice Institute in partnership with Florida State University is proud to offer the Certified Public Manager program to law enforcement agencies throughout Central Florida.


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The Goals of the Certified Public Manager Program (CPM)

The Certified Public Manager (CPM) program is a nationally-recognized, comprehensive training and development program for public sector managers at all levels of state and local government. Today, many public agencies are moving away from traditional management and embracing transformational leadership.  The CPM program incorporates state-of-the-art theory with practical applications.

The vision of the CPM program is to create reflective practitioners who apply advanced managerial techniques
to real-world problems, and to foster learning organizations that use new knowledge to improve the way they

Florida’s CPM Success Story

Florida has one of the oldest and most active CPM programs in the country. The Florida State University created
the Florida CPM Program in 1979.  Many government agencies have chosen CPM as their primary method for
training current and future leaders.  The CPM program has worked in more than 20 state agencies, over 60 city
or county governments, and with some 15 constitutional officers.

In 1994, the Florida Governor and Cabinet designated the CPM program as a “preferred management
development program
” and encouraged all state agencies to participate.

What is taught in the CPM Program?

Florida’s CPM program consists of eight four-day training sessions (Levels 1-8).  In addition to the classes,
participants are also required to complete assignments and exams for each class.  CPM training is experiential
based, with an emphasis on small group activities and a balance between theory and practice.  

The curriculum covers the full spectrum of management, beginning with individual performance and gradually
expanding to broader organizational issues and public policy.  CPM recommends taking the levels in sequence,
as subsequent levels build upon the knowledge and experiences of preceding levels and assignments.

Can I earn college credits for completing the CPM program?

The Askew School of Public Administration and Policy at Florida State University will award three
under­graduate or graduate credit hours for completing the CSM (Levels 1-4) and three additional hours for
completing the CPM (Levels 1-8). 

Required Courses

Course Description


Cohort 1 --------- Cohort 2

Level 1

Level 1:  Management of Individual Performance

This level is an introduction to contemporary management, emphasizing leadership style, personal style, and managing individuals.  Topics:  The Leadership Transformation, Leadership, Delegation, Motivation, Performance Feedback, Goal-Setting, Coaching and Counseling.



Level 2

Level 2:  Management of Group Performance

This level expands the scope to groups and teams, with an emphasis on developing productive work groups and teams. Topics:  What People Bring To Groups, Working In Groups, Conflict in Groups, False Consensus, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making, Team Leadership, and Process Improvement Teams.



Level 3

Level 3: Management of Organizational Performance

The level focuses on improving productivity and quality through measurement, analysis, the Sterling process, communication, information technology and project management. Topics:  Productivity and Quality in Public Management, Analysis for Productivity and Quality, Organizational Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Information Technology, the Sterling Challenge, and Project Management. 



Level 4

Level 4:  Managing Organizational Effectiveness

Participants explore complex organizational issues such as power, ethics, organizational change, and the fit between individual values and organizational climate. 

Topics:  Gaining and Extending Power in the Organization, Ethics and the Responsible use of Power, Integrating the Individual and the Organization, and Organizational Change.



Level 5

Level 5:  Social Change And Its Impact On Public Management

This level focuses on social change and how public managers must adapt to the challenges of the 21st Century.  Topics:  Social Change and its Impact on Public Management, Strategic Planning and Budgeting, Organizational Design, and Organizational Dynamics.



Level 6

Level 6:  A Systems Focus

This is an introduction to the systems approach to management. Students examine two applications of systems theory- behavior modification and organizational development.

Topics:  The Systems Approach, Systems Analysis and Modeling, and Systems Applications: Behavior Modification and Organizational Development.



Level 7

Level 7: Policy Perspectives

This is a seminar that examines how public organizations make policy and the skills of reasoned argument and critique.  Participants develop their own policy arguments and rebuttals.



Level 8

Level 8:  Contemporary Issues In Public Management

This is the CPM graduation level, held once a year. Guest speakers present seminars on contemporary issues affecting government and management. The final day includes the graduation ceremony.   This level is offered at several locations around the state.


Location determined

by FSU


Fees for the program:

The fee per course (Level) is $495 which will include all materials required for the program. 

The fee for Level 8 will be paid to FSU directly once candidates have completed all graduation requirements. 

To register or for additional information please call 407-582-6688


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To register or for more information, click on the link below:

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If you have any questions, please email us or give us a call. 

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