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Dual Enrollment

Applications for Spring 2015 will be accepted from August 1st to October 1st in the Dual Enrollment Office. Note: There is a new application form for Spring that must be submitted; The old application will not be accepted for Spring. Students must remember to submit both a completed application and college level test scores by the designated deadlines for Spring.

We are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2014. As of July 1st, acceptance letters have been mailed out to all students that are accepted for Fall 2014. After you receive your letter, please do the following:

  1. Setup an Atlas account.

  2. Return to the Assessment Center to complete the LASSI and Career Review assessment or visit the assessment website for more information about how to complete these assessments online

  3. Wait 48 hours before registering for a New Student Orientation session. NSO can be completed online or on campus

  4. Register for classes

Dual enrollment is an acceleration program that allows secondary students to take postsecondary coursework and simultaneously earn credit toward high school completion and an industry certification, or an associate or baccalaureate degree at a Florida public or eligible private institution.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, college credit earned prior to high school graduation reduces the average time-to-degree and increases the likelihood of graduation for the students who participate in these programs. There is great potential to further engage and motivate students to take academically rigorous courses that capture their interests. There is also evidence that dual enrollment increases academic performance and educational attainment.

Key requirements include the following:

  1. Academic readiness, social maturity and motivation
  2. Not yet graduated from high school (junior or senior status)
  3. Meet GPA and college-level test score eligibility requirements
  4. Successfully complete courses, with a "C" or better
  5. Receiving both high school and college credit for the course

Effective Immediately (as of March 30, 2012)

All students are required to submit college-level test scores for reading, writing and math (any combination of eligible scores will be accepted) along with the admissions application, by the designated term deadline.

PERT Reading 106 Writing 103 Math 123
114 (Intermediate, MAT1033C)
ACT Reading 20 English 17 Math 21
19 (Intermediate, MAT1033C)
SAT Critical Reading 440 Math 500
440 (Intermediate, MAT1033C)


Application Deadline - April 1

Scores & Documents Due By - May 15


Application Deadline - October 1

Scores & Documents Due By - November 1


Dual Enrollment Admissions Checklist

Dual Enrollment Quick Reference Guide

Dual Enrollment New Student Orientation Handout

Parking Decal Information

FLDOE Course List

Graduation Transcript Request Info



Monday - Friday: 8 AM to 5 PM
Friday Summer (Effective May 9th - July 11th): 8 AM to 12 PM

Phone: 407-582-1600
Fax: 407-582-1901


West Campus
Student Services Building (SSB), Room 146

Dual Enrollment Office
West Campus, MC 4-48
1800 South Kirkman Rd.
Orlando, FL 32811