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Dual enrollment is an acceleration program that allows students to pursue an advanced curriculum relevant to their individual postsecondary interests and simultaneously earn credit toward high school completion and an industry certification, or an associate baccalaureate degree at a Florida public or eligible private institution.


You are not responsible for paying courses; a fee will appear on all student accounts and will remain on your account until the end of each term (fall, spring and summer).

New legislation requires schools to pay, a discounted tuition rate of $71.98, for all public and private dual enrolled students registered for approved courses. Each school is invoiced at the end of the applicable term. All fees are waived for all public, charter, private and homeschool dual enrollment students enrolled in approved courses.


Orange County Public School students: Once you have completed you official registration, print your Student Detail Schedule from Atlas. Present the schedule to your DE school representative to redeem a textbook voucher. Once you have obtained a voucher, you must personally go to the campus’ bookstore associated to the course. If you are taking courses on multiple campuses or online, you must visit the specific campus bookstore(s). Online courses are assigned to specific campus. You will have until the second week of classes at Valencia to pick up your textbooks.

Osceola County Public School students:: Once you have completed your official course registration, print your Student Detailed Schedule from Atlas. Present your printed detailed schedule to your DE school representative for approval. Once your schedule has been approved and stamped, you can visit the Osceola County District bookstore for textbook pickup. Any textbooks not available at the Osceola District Bookstore (ODB) will be purchased via a voucher that is issued by personnel at the ODB. Textbooks can be picked up at least two weeks prior to the start of term and must be retrieved within the first two weeks of the start of the term; no vouchers accepted after two weeks from start of term.

DE Bookstore:
803 Bill Beck Blvd.
Kissimmee, FL 34744
Portable 803C (gray portable with blue trim)

Carol Francis

Homeschool/FLVS students:

You will be allotted a total of $300 per semester for textbook purchases only. Academic tools and supplies (such as calculators, pens, notebooks, backpacks and other electronics) cannot be purchased using the $300. However, you can purchase them at your own cost. Fall 2018 textbooks can be purchased from August 13, 2018 until September 10, 2018; students who fail to purchase textbooks during this time frame will be held responsible for the full cost of textbooks. Please note that when purchasing textbooks at the campus store, you will be provided a used book (upon availability). If you choose to drop/withdraw from a course after purchasing the textbook, you are required to return the textbook to the campus store; no refunds will be provided. Fall 2018 textbooks can be purchased the following ways:

  • By personally visiting the Valencia campus bookstore associated with the Fall 2018 course(s) that you are registered for. Online courses are assigned to a specific campus. Please note that textbooks will not be dispatched to anyone besides you. You will be required to present your Valencia ID card and Student Detail Schedule when purchasing textbooks. The Valencia ID card can be obtained at any Valencia security office and the Student Detailed Schedule can be accessed through your Atlas account.
  • By accessing the Campus Store webpage, creating an account and placing an online textbook order. Please note that you will need to reference your Student Detail Schedule to find and purchase your textbook(s). You can choose to pick up your online textbook order at a campus store at no extra charge or you can choose to have your online textbook order shipped yo you (you will be responsible for all shipping fees).

Private School students: You are responsible for purchasing textbooks.


The purpose of dual enrollment is to prioritize meeting high school requirements while gaining college credits, simultaneously. According to the Florida Department of Education, the requirments for a high school diploma are: 4 english credits; 4 math credits; 3 science credits; 3 social science credits; 1 physical education credit; 8 elective credits; 1 fine art, speech or practical art credit; 2 world language credits (in the same language) and 1 online course.


We encourage you to speak with your DE school representative to discuss unmet high school requirements before meeting with a dual enrollment advisor. To further discuss college courses and how they transfer to your high school, schedule an appointment with a dual enrollment advisor by clicking on the "Advising Appointments" link on the navigation panel.


No. All high school requirements can be satisfied, with the exception of world history, physical education, Algebra 1 and Geometry.


Courses are offered before, during, after school hours, and also during summer break. You may take classes at any one of Valencia's 7 campuses and, in some cases, at the high school. Ask your DE school representative if dual enrollment classes are offered at your high school campus.


Yes, dual enrollment students are eligible to take online courses as well as mixed mode courses.


All dual enrollment courses are awarded 0.5 or 1.0 credit towards high school graduation requirements. College credit is counted differently; each course will award at least 3 credits towards college graduation.


Dual enrollment credits may be used toward a Valencia degree or transferred to any public college or university in Florida. Students who plan to transfer to a private college or to an institution in another state should contact the institution of interest to ask about their dual enrollment course transfer policies.


No. You are eligible to participate in the dual enrollment program until the end of the spring semester of your high school senior year.


No, you will not have to apply for admission again. You will be required to submit the following: FAFSA, Florida residency forms, change of major form and a final official high school transcript by the appropriate deadlines in order to register for courses as a degree-seeking student.


Yes. Talk with your high school counselor or contact Bright Futures regarding how courses may be applied. The Bright Futures Comprehensive Table (CCT) lists all courses considered for state scholarships.


If you DROP a course, before the Drop/Refund deadline, it is as if you never registered for the course and it will not appear on your college transcript. If you remove a course after the Drop/Refund deadline a "W" (WITHDRAWAL) will show on your transcript as the grade for that course. DE students have a maximum of one withdrawal. DE students who obtain two or more withdrawals will be dismissed from the dual enrollment program.


No. Dual enrollment students must meet eligibility requirements to enroll in eligible courses.


The Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement between a school district and a postsecondary institution establishes guidelines for implementing the program for eligible students. Section 1007.271(21), F.S., mandates that a school district and the local Florida College System institution enter into an agreement. The establishment of other articulation agreements (e.g., school districts and state universities or private postsecondary institutions, colleges and private secondary schools) are optional.


No. Florida law requires the Florida College System institution and school district to enter into a Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement. It is optional for the Florida College System institution to enter into articulation agreements with private schools.


For dual enrollment courses offered on a Florida College System institution campus, the school district pays the standard tuition rate per credit hour from the Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP). For 2013-2014, the standard tuition at a Florida College System institution is $71.98 per credit hour. For dual enrollment courses offered on the high school campus by college faculty, the school district must reimburse the college for courses associated with the proportion of salary and benefits of the instructor and other actual costs. For dual enrollment courses offered on the high school campus by a high school teacher, the school district is responsible for the college's actual cost associated with dual enrollment.


No. A 2012 statutory change removed the authorization for joint advanced placement and dual enrollment instruction.


Dual enrollment course credit transfers to any public college or university that offers that course with the same prefix and number. If a student does not attend the same college or university where they earned that dual enrollment credit, the application of the college credit to general education, prerequisite, or degree programs may vary at the receiving institutions.


Yes. According to Board of Governors Regulation 6.002, FTIC freshmen are defined as students who have earned a standard high school diploma from a Florida public or regionally accredited high school, or its equivalent, and who have earned fewer than twelve (12) semester hours of transferable college credit after receiving a standard high school diploma or its equivalent. Is transportation provided? No. Students are responsible for their own transportation. Public transportation is available through the Lynx bus service to all Valencia campuses.


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The Dual Enrollment Program at Valencia College enables qualified public, private and home education students an opportunity to participate in an academic acceleration program.
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