Dual Enrollment (DE)

Public or Charter School Students


Summer 2019:
Applications will not be accepted for this upcoming summer

Fall 2019 Dates:
Application Opens: Monday, February 25
Application Deadline: Monday, March 25
Test Score Deadline: Monday, April 15

Students attending a public or charter school in Orange or Osceola county are eligible to participate in Valencia's Dual Enrollment program. We encourage students to consult with their parents/legal guardians and Dual Enrollment school representative to determine eligibility for the challenge of college level coursework.

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  • Application Steps
  • Accepted Student Checklist

Public/Charter School Student Application Steps

Please note that our application process has changed for the Spring 2019 application.

  1. Meet Participation Requirements
    • Be a resident of Orange or Osceola County and be registered at an Orange or Osceola County public or charter school.
    • Have a 3.0 unweighted cumulative GPA for grades 6-11 at the time of application or 3.0 weighted cumulative GPA for high school seniors at the time of application.
    • Obtain eligible college-ready test scores through the PERT, ACT, SAT, FSA (OCPS only) and/or EOC (OCPS only) in all three sections (Reading, Writing/English and Math) by the assessment score deadline of: October 29th.
  2. Apply For Admissions
    • Visit valenciacollege.edu/dual and click on the "Apply Now" button.
    • Create a Login ID (this will be your Web ID, please make a note of it) and a PIN; select "Login". Please be aware that the Login ID is case sensitive
    • For Application Type, select "Dual Enrollment Student"; select "Continue". Please note: the Dual Enrollment application is free of cost.
    • Select admit term, provide your first name and last name; select "Fill Out Application". Once prompted to the checklist, select "Name" and click "Next".
    • Provide all of the requested information for: Mailing Address, Personal Information, School Information (provide the information by using the "Lookup High School Code"), Additional Information, Parent Education and Military.
    • Once all of the sections have been completed, you will be prompted to the checklist. Confirm that all items have a green checkmark and select "Application is Complete".
    • Read and agree to the terms. You will be redirected to the Signature Page where you will click on "Dual Enrollment Application Signature Request form".
    • Please create your student account for Dynamic Forms. You will be required to provide a parent/legal guardian's email address and your guidance counselor's full name and email address; an incorrect email address will delay processing time. Please note: you and your parent/legal guardian cannot share the same e-mail address; you must each have your own, unique e-mail address.
    • After you complete the student form, it will generate an email to your parent/legal guardian for participation approval. Your parent/legal guardian must create their own Dynamic Forms account in order to approve the DE application. Once your parent/legal guardian provides an online signature, an email will be automatically sent to your guidance counselor to provide academic verification.
    • Once your guidance counselor completes the academic verification, your DE application will be submitted to the Dual Enrollment office.
  3. Receive A Valencia ID Number (VID):
    • After your Dual Enrollment Application has been received with all required signatures, please allow five business days for your Valencia Identification Number (VID) to be issued and sent to the email address provided. Be sure to provide an accurate email address that is checked regularly. If you have previously applied, your VID number will remain the same.
  4. Submit Eligible Test Scores:
    • All DE applicants must have eligible test scores on file in all three sections (Reading, Writing/English and Math) at Valencia College by October 29th in order to be accepted for Dual Enrollment. All test scores must be less than two years old at the time of application. Any combination of eligible scores will be accepted. Please read below for important eligible test score information.
    • Orange County Public/Charter School (OCPS) students only: Students can be admitted to the DE program if they are at college level in either reading and writing/English or math. Please note, qualifying with only reading and writing/English OR math will limit course options. Grade 10 FSA ELA and Algebra I EOC scores can be used for admission into the DE program. Students who have earned a level 3 or higher on either exam must indicate it on their Dual Enrollment application for consideration.
    • School District of Osceola County (SDOC) students only: Seniors from Osceola County public and charter schools can enter into the program if they are at college level in either Reading and Writing or Math. This exception requires guidance counselor and district approval. Please note, qualifying with only Reading and Writing or Math will limit course options.
    • PERT Scores:
      • Reading: 106
        Writing: 103
        Math: 114 (Intermediate Algebra)
        Math: 123 (College Algebra)

    • Taking the PERT at Valencia Assessment Center:
      • Must submit a DE application and receive a VID number.
      • Take your VID, and a state or federally issued picture ID (i.e.,driver's license or passport) to the Assessment Center to test on a walk-in basis, no appointment needed. If you do not have a state or federally issued form of ID, an original birth certificate or a social security card along with a school ID can be accepted.
      • DE students can take the PERT three times at Valencia in a two-year period. No fee is required for the first attempt. Two retakes per sub-test are allowed; you must wait at least 24 hours to retake, attend a Valencia College retake review session and pay $10 per sub-test. Scores from other college institutions will not be accepted. For more information, visit the assessment website: valenciacollege.edu/assessments/dual-enrollment.cfm.
    • PERT taken at high school: All PERT tests taken at the high school are retrieved by Valencia College at the district level. You do not need to submit PERT scores to Valencia.
    • If you take the PERT after you have submitted your application, your DE school representative will need to request the district to send the updated test scores to Valencia College.
    • ACT Scores:
      • Reading: 19
        English: 17
        Math: 19 (Intermediate Algebra)
        Math: 21 (College Algebra)

    • SAT Scores:
      • Verbal/Critical Reading: 24
        Writing: 25
        Math: 24 (Intermediate Algebra)
        Math: 26.5 (College Algebra)

    • SAT and ACT scores: must be sent directly by the student from College Board or ACT (sat.collegeboard.org/home or actstudent.org/scores) to Valencia College (allow five weeks for scores to be delivered and processed).
  5. Receive Acceptance Letter
    • Acceptance letters will be mailed by: November 16. The letter will include your next steps or you can refer to the Accepted Student Checklist tab above.
  6. Checking Application Status
    • Contact your College Transition Coach (CTC) (OCPS only) or DE School Representative to receive updates on your application status. The CTC or DE representative at your high school is your first point of contact.

Accepted Student Checklist

  • Set up your Atlas account once you receive the official Dual Enrollment acceptance letter via USPS mail.
  • Complete the mandatory Dual Enrollment New Student Orientation via your Atlas account. You will not be able to register for courses until 48 hours after the online orientation has been completed.
  • Register for classes via your Atlas account. If you plan to take DE courses offered at your high school, contact your DE School Representative to register for these courses. For all courses offered at a Valencia campus, you must register via your Atlas account. Read the details about registering for Valencia courses on the Dual Enrollment Course Registration page.
  • Tuition and lab fees are waived for all DE approved courses. You are not responsible any tuition balance.
  • You are responsible for picking up textbooks within the allotted two-week time frame (up to 2 weeks prior from the first day of the course), otherwise you may be held responsible for the cost. For more information on textbooks, visit the "What about textbooks?" question.
  • Reminders:
    • You must maintain a 3.0 high school GPA and a minimum and a 2.0 Valencia College GPA in order to continue participating in the DE program. Academic Probation (two "W"s/withdrawals OR two consecutive terms with a Valencia College GPA below 2.0) will result in dismissal from DE program.
    • You are eligible to register for up to 4 courses/13 credit hours for Fall, 4 courses/13 credit hours for Spring and 2 courses/7 credit hours for Summer.
    • A balance will remain on your account until the end of the term. You are not responsible for the tuition balance and it will not impact your registration status.
    • Your DE school representative will help you select appropriate and approved courses to ensure high school graduation requirements are met. After meeting with your DE school representative, you can book an appointment with a DE advisor to select Valencia courses that will meet your high school requirements.


College Transition Coaches/Counselors (CTC)

Orange County

Linda Constantino

  • East River High School
  • Timber Creek High School
  • University High School
  • Winter Park High School

Latashia Joseph Edwards

  • Oak Ridge High School
  • Ocoee High School
  • Olympia High School
  • West Orange High School

Kerri MacLean

  • Cypress Creek High School
  • Dr. Phillips High School
  • Lake Nona High School
  • Windermere High School

Susan Robbins

  • Apopka High School
  • Edgewater High School
  • Evans High School
  • Wekiva High School

Nicole Gurley

  • Boone High School
  • Colonial High School
  • Freedom High School
  • Jones High School

Test Score Requirements

All Dual Enrollment applicants are required to have college-ready test scores on file at Valencia College by the deadline for the desired term of enrollment. Any combination of eligible scores (see below) will be accepted.


Reading: 106
Writing: 103
114 (Intermediate Algebra)
123 (College Algebra)


Reading: 24
Writing: 25
Math: 24(Intermediate Algebra)
26.5 (College Algebra)


Reading: 19
English: 17
Math: 19(Intermediate Algebra)
21 (College Algebra)

Only Orange County Public and Charter Schools
Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) Grade 10 FSA: 3 or higher
End Of Course (EOC) Algebra I EOC: 3 or higher
PERT Math 96-113 (Statistical Reasoning or College Mathematics)




Dual Enrollment Reference Booklet

The Dual Enrollment Program at Valencia College enables qualified public, private and home education students an opportunity to participate in an academic acceleration program.
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