Academic Success Center, East Campus

Employment Opportunities in the Academic Success Center

Featured Tutoring & Staff Part-time Job Listings

Tutor Foreign Languages Lab Apply Here OPEN
Tutor EAP Lab Apply Here OPEN
Tutor Communications Center Apply Here OPEN
Tutor Math Center Apply Here OPEN
Office Aide I Welcome Desk N/A NOT CURRENTLY HIRING
Office Aide II Communications Desk Apply Here OPEN
Tutor GT: Accounting Apply Here NOT CURRENTLY HIRING
Tutor GT: Economics Apply Here OPEN
Tutor GT: American Sign Language Apply Here OPEN
Tutor GT: Computer Programming N/A NOT CURRENTLY HIRING
Tutor GT: Political Science N/A NOT CURRENTLY HIRING
Tutor GT: Biology Apply Here OPEN
Tutor GT: Chemistry Apply Here OPEN
Tutor GT: Physics Apply Here OPEN
Tutor GT: Office Systems Technology N/A NOT CURRENTLY HIRING


How to Apply

In order to apply, find the position you're interested in listed above and select the approptiate "Apply Here" link.

For consideration, all documents must be uploaded at the time of application. This could include: resume, cover letter, all letters of reference, or any other applicable documents related to this position. Once you have completed the application process, no other documents may be uploaded or altered.

Completed applications will be collected and kept on file for six months. Once the time period has passed, the candidate must initial the original application for it to remain valid longer than six months.  Applications without initials left on file for more than six months will be shredded.

For information regarding East Campus Supplemental Learning Leaders, contact Jennifer Adams.


Descriptions of the Areas in the Academic Success Center

ASC Welcome Desk: the ASC Welcome Desk is a centralized reception station for the entirety of the ASC. Welcome Desk staff assist students with ASC-related questions, assist staff with ASC-related tasks, and check out materials to students, staff, and faculty. For more information about the ASC Welcome Desk, please click here.

Testing Center: the Testing Center provides administrative and security maintenance procedures for all types of testing. The Testing Center specializes in academic, Independent Study, individualized learning (also known as self-paced), as well as computer and web based examinations. For more information about the Testing Center, please click here.

Communications Center: the Communications Center focuses on assisting students with reading, writing, and speech assignments from any discipline. Consultants in the Communications Center help students to improve their overall communications skills during 30 minutes consultations. For more information about the Communications Center, please click here.

Math Center: the Math Center assists students with college-level and developmental math skills. Math Center tutors support students with understanding coursework and preparing for exams by utizing a variety of resources. The Math Center also provides topic-based workshops to further support students' development of core math competencies. For more information about the Math Center, please click here.

Foreign Language Lab: The Foreign Language Lab assists students enrolled in foreign language courses such as Spanish, French, and German. Tutoring and workshops are available to help students grasp core concepts in order to become successful in their foreign language courses. For more information about the Foreign Language Lab, click here.

EAP Lab: The EAP Lab provides a classroom and learning space for non-native speakers of English as they practice English communication, pronunciation, grammar, reading, and writing skills. Services in the EAP Lab also include instructor-led, interactive workshops. For more information about the EAP Lab, please click here.

General Tutoring Center: General Tutoring is provided for all other disciplines including science, music, American Sign Language, office systems technology, computer science, accounting, economics, and government. For more information regarding the General Tutoring Center, please click here.