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Set #8

  1. Some people were picking strawberries. They put them into a basket. The way they worked, the number of strawberries in the basket doubled every minute. In one hour the basket was full. When was the basket half full?

  2. The town of Hippity-Hoppity has a population of 17,480. Five percent of the people are one-legged. Half of the remaining population goes bare-footed. Sandals are the only footwear. How many sandals (not pairs) are worn in Hippity-Hoppity?

  3. Two balloons are inflated to exactly the same size and weight with equal amounts of hydrogen. They are then released outdoors on a sunny, windless day. One balloon rose to a greater height than the other. Under what circumstances could this logically occur?

  4. For several days, a forest ranger observed beavers building a dam. Completion of the project took as many days as there were beavers at work. The ranger determined that the dam could have been built in one day if there had been six more beavers working. How many beavers built the dam?

  5. A coffee company took a survey to determine the number of people who drink tea and coffee. An interviewer submitted the following findings to the president of the company:

    Number of people interviewed………………………. 100

    Number of people who drink coffee…………………. 78

    Number of people who drink tea…………………….. 71

    Number who drink both coffee and tea ……………… 48

    Number who drink neither coffee nor tea …………… 00

    Do you think the interviewer’s report is reliable? The company president didn’t. He fired the interviewer. WHY?

  6. If two miles of fence enclose a square plot of 160 acres, how many acres will four miles of fence enclose?

  7. A man filled a can half full of refined oil, and another can twice the size, one quarter full. He then poured crude oil into both cans, filling each of them. Taking both full cans of mixed oils, he poured them into a single large basin. What part of the mixture in the basin is refined oil and what part is crude oil?

  8. Starting with a square piece of paper, I trim the corners and throw my trimmings away in order to leave the largest possible circular piece of paper. Starting again with this circular piece of paper, I again trim it and throw away the trimmings in order to leave the largest possible square piece of paper which can be cut from the circle. How much of the original square piece of paper is cut off and thrown away?

  9. If 7/8 of a tank full of water is drained off, and then 51 gallons are added to bring the tank up to the half-full mark, what is the capacity of this tank in gallons?

    Answers are available with Stumper Set #9.


Answers to Stumper Set #7

  1. Mr. Brown has a black tie. Mr. Green has a brown tie. Mr. Black has a green tie.

  2. One half-dollar, one quarter, and four dimes

  3. 8, 9, and 10

  4. He rides 3 miles and walks 1 mile.

  5. $80

  6. 20 hours

  7. 3 boys and 4 girls = 7 children in the family

  8. 2 revolutions


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