Want to Be a Tutor?

Positions Needed:

Updated: 5/5/2014


What to Do:

Candidates interested in becoming a tutor will need to pick up and fill out the Tutor Application, attach their unofficial transcripts, and return both documents to the ASC Welcome Desk in 4-101.

Completed applications will be collected and kept on file for one full year at the ASC Welcome Desk.  Once the time period has passed, the candidate must initial the original application for it to remain valid longer than one year.  Otherwise, it will be shredded.

The application collects basic information such as the candidate’s name, contact information, area the candidate is interested in working, and space to briefly explain why the candidate is interested in becoming a tutor.

Area coordinators who need to hire tutors will review these applications. Here is a brief description of the tutoring areas:

Communications Center: The Communications Center focuses on assisting students with writing assignments from any discipline. They help students to improve writing and communications skills. For more information about the Communications Center, please click here.

Math Support Center (MSC): The Math Support Center assists students with college-level math skills. MSC tutors provide college-level support for all students including help with test corrections, PERT review assistance, and homework. For more information about the Math Support Center, please click here.

Specialized Preparatory Area (SPA): The SPA assists students with developmental math skills leading up tot he college-level. They help students with coursework and preparing for competency exams by utilizing a variety of resources such as hands-on manipulatives, carious technologies, and topic-based workshops. For more information about the Specialized Preparatory Area, please click here.

Foreign Language Lab: The Foreign Language Lab assists students enrolled in foreign language courses such as Spanish, French, and German. Tutoring and workshops are available to help students grasp core concepts in order to become successful in their foreign language courses. For more information about the Foreign Language Lab, click here.

General Tutoring Center: General tutoring is provided for all other disciplines including Science, Business, Foreign Language, and Computer Science. For more information regarding the General Tutoring Center, click here.

For a copy of the tutor application, click here. Make sure that you print it out, fill it out, and bring it, along with a copy of your unofficial transcripts, to the East Campus ASC Welcome Desk in 4-101.

For information regarding East Campus Supplemental Learning Leaders, contact Jennifer McCormick.