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Academic Disciplines & Faculty

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  • EAP
  • English
  • Speech
  • Creative Writing
  • Mass Communication

English for Academic Purposes Courses


English for Academic Purposes Faculty

Tatiana Bizon - Professor of EAP

Ian Dreilinger - Professor of EAP

Nissa Hopkins - Professor and Coordinator of EAP

James May - Professor of EAP


English Courses


English Faculty

Abdallah Boumarate - Professor of English

Dorothy Charron - Professor of English

Susan Dauer - Professor of English

Holly Elliott - Professor of English

Lauren Ermel - Professor of English

Shea Faulkner - Professor of English

Randy Gordon - Professor of English and Discipline Co-Coordinator

Victoria Grajeda - Professor of English

Clay Holliday - Professor of English

Kirsten Holt - Professor of English

Zachary Hyde - Professor of English

Shari Koopman - Professor of English

James Leonard - Professor of English

Tamara Madison - Professor of English

Jane Maguire - Professor of English

Mandy Mahaffey - Professor of English

Ashley Miller - Professor of English

Chiara Ojeda - Professor of English

Robert Schachel - Professor of English

Crystal Smith - Professor of English

Richard Thomas - Professor of English

Summer Trazzera - Professor of English and Discipline Co-Coordinator

Nicole Valentino - Professor of English

Marcelle Wycha - Professor of English



Speech Courses


Speech Faculty

Edie Gaythwaite - Professor of Speech

William Gombash - Professor of Speech

Margaret Gonzalez - Professor of Speech

Alycia LaFavor - Professor of Speech

Courtney Lewis - Professor of Speech & Discipline Coordinator

Kim Long - Professor of Speech

Molly McLaughlin - Professor of Speech

Rebecca Newman - Professor of Journalism

Kathleen O'Neal - Professor of Speech

Kevin Rushing - Professor of Speech

Liza Schellpfeffer - Professor of Speech

Arri Stone - Professor of Speech


Creative Writing Courses


Creative Writing Faculty Bios

Elliott, Holly
Dr. Holly Elliott, a native of Palatka, Florida, earned a B.A. in Literature and an M.A., and Ph.D. in Creative Writing from Florida State University.  She served as Associate Poetry Editor and then Poetry Editor for The Southeast Review while attending F.S.U. and was awarded the George M. Harper Award in Graduate Essay Writing. She has previously taught composition, literature and creative writing courses at Florida State University, and at the University of Central Florida, where she served as content advisor for the first-year writing publication, Stylus.  Publications include works selected for Dream Fantasy International, Strange Horizons, and Barnyard Horror.  She has been teaching at Valencia College since 2007.

Holt, Kirsten
Kirsten Holt received her MFA in poetry from the University of Central Florida. Her chapbook "Overwintered" was the winner of the 2010 Annual Chapbook Contest and is available from Yellowjacket Press. She has served as managing editor for The Florida Review, and reads for Sweet: A Literary Confection. Kirsten presented her paper, "Video Games as Legitimate Literature" at the 2012 AWP Conference in Boston, and continues to push for higher learning in alternative art forms. Recent work can be found in the Louisville Review, Portland Review, and Orion. She has been teaching Valencia College since 2013.

Koopmann, Shari
Shari Koopmann holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Bloomsburg University, a master’s degree in Literature from the University of New Hampshire, and a doctoral degree in Education from the University of Central Florida. She has published poetry in various small press journals in both the United States and Canada, including Red Hand Press’s Fulva Flava and Defect Cult literary annuals, Second-Hand Production’s Falling Star Magazine, Day Break Press’s Prism Quarterly, and Ascent Aspirations Magazine’s anthologies Aqua Terra and Close to Quitting Time, in which she was awarded first and second prizes for her poems "Today’s Lesson: Staying Dry" and "Treading Water" respectively. Bella Books published her first novel in the summer of 2015 and her second in the fall of 2016. Shari has also published articles of literary criticism in international peer-reviewed scholarly journals and books, including the Atlantic Literary Review, the Atlantic Critical Review Quarterly, and Studies in Women Writers in English.

Madison, Tamara
Tamara J. Madison is an author, poet, performer, and instructor.  Her critical and creative works have been published in various journals, magazines and anthologies. She has performed and recorded her work for stage, television and studio. Madison holds a BA from Purdue University and a MFA from New England College. She is currently professor of English at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida. Her most recent release is Kentucky Curdled, a collection of poetry and essay. For more, visit www.tamarajmadison.com.

Mahaffey, Mandy
Mandy Mahaffey received her M.A. in English (Literary, Cultural, and Textual Studies) and Gender Studies at the University of Central Florida and is active in the local and national writing community. Outside of the academic classroom, she has studied under bestselling authors like Francesca Lia Block (The Weetzie Bat Books) in writing workshops around the nation, and maintains close professional contacts with prolific poets and writers around the globe. She believes that to be a good writer, one must be a good reader; with that in mind, she spends much of her time pouring over prose and honing her craft.

Ross, Jesse
Jesse Ross published poetry and fiction in collections including Red Lion Square and McSweeney's. He has worked with the Crealde School of Art, the Center for Contemporary Dance, and the Orlando Museum of Art as a writer in the community. Ross studied literature and writing at Emerson College and the University of Edinburgh (UK) and earned his MFA at the University of Central Florida, where his creative nonfiction story "Unload" was nominated for the Iron Horse Literary Review’s Discovered Voices Award. Jesse Ross teaches at Valencia College and in the Youthful Offender's Program with minors who have been adjudicated as adults.








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