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State Test

Florida no longer has a State Test, but this is good review material.

Questions Forms
1-4 A B C D E
5-8 A B C D E
9-11 A B C D E
12-14 A B C D E
15-18 A B C D E
19-22 A B C D E
23-25 A B C D E
26-28 A B C D E
29-30 A B C D E


What was on the State Test for Developmental Math II?

  1. Order of Operations (No grouping/No exponents)
  2. Order of Operations with grouping and exponents
  3. Absolute value with addition and subtraction
  4. Simplify algebraic expression using distributive property
  5. Evaluate an algebraic expression
  6. Solving a linear equation
  7. Solving a linear equation with fraction coefficient(s)
  8. Solving a literal equation
  9. Translate a word problem to an algebraic equation
  10. Solve a word problem
  11. Translate word problem to a proportion
  12. Simplifies exponential expression (positive integer exponents)
  13. Simplifies exponential expression (positive and negative integer exponents)
  14. Simplifies exponential expression (positive and negative and zero integer exp.)
  15. Scientific notation (To or From)
  16. (Polynomial) – (Polynomial)
  17. (Monomial)(Binomial)
  18. (Binomial)(Binomial)
  19. Factoring a polynomial - Greatest Common Factor(s)
  20. Factoring a polynomial – Difference of Squares
  21. Factoring a polynomial – By Grouping
  22. Factoring a trinomial
  23. Simplifies a rational expression – Reduce by factoring
  24. Solving quadratic equation by factoring (a = 1)
  25. Solving quadratic equation by factoring (a ¹ 1)
  26. Simplify square root of a monomial
  27. Simplify square roots in a polynomial using distributive property
  28. Solving a linear inequality
  29. Identify intercepts of a linear equation (ax + by = c)
  30. Match linear equation to graph (ax + by = c) or (y = mx + b)


Work all the problems. Guess, if necessary.
Check your work by substituting answers back into the original problem.
Check all simplifications by redoing question on a clean sheet of scrap paper.



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