Mathematics Lab

Instructor's Resources

Resources Available

  • Laptops
  • Windows Tablets
  • TI-84 Calculators
  • Lab manuals
  • Lab supplies - Inventory
  • Projectors
  • 2 TI Navigator Carts
  • Lab Procedures

Lab Manuals:

Instructor's FAQ:

  • Where is my lab located?
  • On your faculty schedule, it should state that your lab is in 7-112 A,B,C, or D. The lab spaces are color coded. To view a diagram of the lab room, please click on the link.

  • Where can my students pick up their lab manuals?
  • Students will be provided lab manuals for MAT0018, MAT0022/0028C, MAT1033C free of charge, during their first lab meeting in 7-112.

  • Where can I pick up my copy?
  • Instructor's may also pick up a copy of the MAT0018C, MAT0022C/0028C, and MAT1033C lab manuals in 7-112. In addition, Instructor's solution manuals will be emailed out at the beginning of the semester.

  • Who is my lab assistant?
  • At the beginning of the semester, you will be provided the contact information of your lab assistant, and they will be provided yours. Additionally, you may look up their email address, by clicking on this link.

  • If I want to reserve laptops/tablets for my class to use during lab, how do I go about doing that?
  • Please use this link to reserve laptops or tablets. If you have any question, you may send us an email: Nadia Sidibaba and Stephen Stull or call us at : 407-582-2808.

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